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  1. f1eng

    Sport Sound Owners - Do You Use It Most of the Time?

    When I had a demo of the Taycan I switched the sport sound off after about 30 seconds, and the same even at the PEC Silverstone driving fast. I didn't bother to spec it on my CT4S as a result. If you do like it do you leave it on most of the time though, or only in certain circumstances?
  2. f1eng

    How do you like Apple CarPlay?

    I have never had a car which uses CarPlay before and when we were going to add it when I picked the car up I was asked to initiate Siri on my phone. I wasn’t sure how and was not keen anyway, I don’t like talking to “things” or them listening all the time. Anyway I haven’t used CarPlay yet my...
  3. f1eng

    My first long trip was a route I do reasonably often.

    I copied this from my post on tyres… Seems like it should be here. I have never kept meticulous records of car costs so don’t have a comparison from other cars. I did my first long trip yesterday. It was before regen has clicked in so not expecting much efficiency and thats what I got! The...
  4. f1eng

    Swapped my 21” Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres for 20” P Zero winters today - impressions

    The ride quality of the Taycan Cross Turismo was the thing which surprised me the most when i first drove one. My winter wheels/tyres arrived this morning so got them fitted and on my normal bumpy uneven route up to The Ridgeway the ride was notably better than with the 21” summer tyres. Sport...
  5. f1eng

    First impressions of standard audio system (compared to Bose system)

    I ended up dropping the Bose sound system option on my CT 4S when I fixed the spec because of the extra delay it would cause. There has been lots of comment on the audio varying from the standard system is so bad it is a reason not to buy the car to it is perfectly adequate. I haven’t been on...
  6. f1eng

    The key fob only unlocks one side of the car, intermittent at first.

    I picked up my new Taycan on Thursday and visited my daughter that evening to show her. When I used the key fob to unlock the car all 4 door handles popped out but the door we tried didn’t open nor did the other one that side. On the driver’s side both doors were fully unlocked. When I got home...
  7. f1eng

    Has anybody whose car was in storage in Germany awaiting a 12V battery had their car delivered yet?

    We know the production line is now running and cars started after the battery shortage was resolved are being completed and delivered. We know there are cars that were delivered to dealers - just in the EU I think - where the dealer has ordered the battery as a spare, fitted it and delivered...
  8. f1eng

    It is the anniversary of me emailing to order a Taycan today.

    I had a test drive if a CT 4S on Friday 16 July 2021 at Porsche, Swindon my local dealer, spent the weekend thinking it over, it was an impulse purchase I have no need of another car, and sent an email to order one on the Sunday 18th. My only real concern was how big and heavy it is, I generally...
  9. f1eng

    PEC Silverstone 1/6/22

    My son and I had a great afternoon at the Porsche Experience at Silverstone yesterday afternoon. It confirmed I am glad I ordered a CT 4S but added to the frustration about my very long wait. Probably of little consequence to somebody 40 years old and I am 72 now, 71 when ordered and that is a...
  10. f1eng

    Reliability poll

    There are plenty of complaints about software problems causing inconvenience. I am interested in a breakdown causing you to have to pull off the road while driving and get some sort of assistance. It has never happened to me in 55 years of driving fwiw.
  11. f1eng


    I have a question for Porsche engineering people. I know that PDCC has active links in the ARBs to allow correction of roll. What I have assumed is that these active links are effectively disconnected when there is no lateral “G” so the ride will be better with PDCC as well as the roll being...
  12. f1eng

    Is it a pain to not use Apple Music when setting up a new Taycan?

    I got a 6-month free trial of Apple Music and Apple TV a while ago but continued with neither since I didn’t find the music to be better than the Qobuz subscription I already had and Apple TV was just too painful to keep logging into and I have no idea why it kept asking - I just lost patience...
  13. f1eng

    This is a shame!
  14. f1eng

    Taycan connection to the "outside world" and its importance.

    I have been concerned about any need for a Taycan to have permanent or almost permanent connection to the "outside world". I have reasonable wifi signal in my garage and a reasonable 4G 'phone signal too but at my brother's home in the Scottish borders there is zero phone signal and any...
  15. f1eng

    Using Apple Car play for non Apple music streaming (Qobuz) or playing from a USB stick

    I started using file based music when the original iPod came out because I am a music lover but was abroad somewhere every week. As a mainly classical music listener I found the file structure inconvenient, with tracks called "songs" when 95% of what I listen to not being songs, but lived with...
  16. f1eng

    Headlining colour?

    Probably not a question for places where the glass roof is standard but does anybody know if there is any interior colour specification which gives a pale headlining colour? I don't like glass roofs but all the pictures of the interior without it that I have seen make the rear seats look like a...
  17. f1eng

    Carbon fibre as trim

    I have used carbon fibre as a structural material in my designs for over 40 years now but have never thought of it as decorative. Making it look nice usually means excess surface resin and a cosmetic layer (as opposed to structurally oriented) so it is usually heavier than painting the...