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  1. Frankhy

    Collection Day - Carmine Red!!

    Sorry😅 I'm in Sandyford
  2. Frankhy

    Collection Day - Carmine Red!!

    In Dublin!collected earlier today. Thanks for all the messages and info over the past 10 months from everyone great help and much appreciated
  3. Frankhy

    CARMINE RED Taycan Club

    What a sensational car!
  4. Frankhy

    Collection Day - Carmine Red!!

    What a sensational car!
  5. Frankhy

    What would you do??⁸

    No sure there's only 29,000 km on the odometer.
  6. Frankhy

    What would you do??⁸

    I'm waiting on quotes from other garages at the moment, but I think it's definitely on the low side. I still think I will go ahead with the purchase. I've built the car exactly the way I want it, and I know once I take delivery and see it for the first time that this last hiccup will be...
  7. Frankhy

    What would you do??⁸

    Gone from €61k down to €45k. It's not just the drop in valuation it's the way Porsche has handled the whole thing as well. Literally no communication regarding car being re appraised with 2 weeks to delivery of new car. I take nothing away from the Taycan it's my dream car, which I've been...
  8. Frankhy

    What would you do??⁸

    Yes that is still an option.
  9. Frankhy

    What would you do??⁸

    Just an update from my visit to Porsche on Monday. They have dropped the valuation of my car for trade-in by €16k!! That's a loss of €2k a month since I got it first appraised with Porsche back in May! Taycan is due for delivery on January 6th, to only find this out now, so close to delivery is...
  10. Frankhy

    What would you do??⁸

    Thanks for the response. It's good to hear from someone else dealing with Porsche Dublin. To be honest, if the SA had made that clear to me that the car would need to be re-evaluated in January, I would have said that's perfectly fine. The disappointing thing is being led to believe everything...
  11. Frankhy

    What would you do??⁸

    Maybe I was naive to think that the original appraisal was still valid, but I did ask the SA was this the quote for a January trade in and he said yes. I spoke to him again before the build date was locked in to confirm my extras, again no price change on anything regarding my trade in. Then...
  12. Frankhy

    What would you do??⁸

    I'm due to take delivery of my RWD on January 6th. All of a sudden, I have been told by my SA that the valuation on my trade-in will be lower than originally quoted! I put €10k deposit on my car back in April after getting my car appraised for a January trade in, still have all the prices and...
  13. Frankhy

    So apparently, always charging to 100% is OK (?)

    I think your SA is correct. When I took deliver of my Audi E Tron 2 years ago I was told the same thing. I can charge to 100% all of the time as Audi don't let you access the full 100% anyway, they only let you access 85% in order to protect the battery.
  14. Frankhy

    Price Increases

    That's not the case in Dublin. The dealer guaranteed me the price I was quoted when I put deposit down back in April so I would definitely go back to the dealer.
  15. Frankhy

    Glad to be done with Porsche and Taycan

    $70k for a brand new Porsche!
  16. Frankhy

    CHALK Taycan Club

    Is it a big job to have the calipers painted? How much did it cost do you mind me asking?
  17. Frankhy

    First Porsche - Order to Delivery Journal

    I have the same build date on my RWD. Have you been given a delivery date?
  18. Frankhy

    My taycan code do you like it or not

    Really nice build! The only thing I would change is the alloy wheels. I think the Mission E in all black are stunning but only a personal choice. But very nice congrats 👏