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  1. themickd

    For Sale: Taycan Turbo Carmine Red

    No, I got it at Porsche Beaverton last July
  2. themickd

    For Sale: Taycan Turbo Carmine Red

    Hello. As much as I love this beauty, I need to explore selling it. It’s in mint condition with less than 3,000 miles on it. If you’re interested, DM me for more details. Car is located in Seattle, WA.
  3. themickd

    Sports Design Pack

    Personally, I like it on my Carmine Red Turbo, but if you're getting a dark color (ie black or grey) it'd be barely noticeable. For the RWD, I'd agree with others that the money is probably better spent on other options (ie Bose, seats, ext leather).
  4. themickd

    Security while driving your Porsche

    I used to live in Pac Heights and I can confirm the paradox that exists there. Go down Fillmore towards the city and it gets shady really quick. Go down the hill to the Marina and you'll see new money shine galore.
  5. themickd

    A kinder, gentler, smaller, more affordable and useful road-warrior EV charging kit

    Just moved into a condo building that only has 14-30 outlet. I don’t see that OEM pigtail in Porsche parts but I could be wrong. Can I just pick up a 14-30p-14-50r adapter on Amazon and make it work with the PCC+?
  6. themickd

    taycan not selling well??

    There are some hideously optioned ones out there that might be tough to sell. Other than that, there are hundreds (?) of folks on this site that are patiently awaiting their delivery.
  7. themickd

    Wanted: Mission E All Black Wheels

    Looking for a set of like new / gently used Mission E wheels in all black. Thanks!
  8. themickd

    Black emblem

    I'm doing the same on my Turbo; ordered from Suncoast. I've never done this before but I am fairly handy. Do you have any tips or tricks, or can you suggest a good tutorial online?
  9. themickd

    Help with connection to PCM

    I’m getting the same issue. Just picked mine up this weekend. Frustrating
  10. themickd

    TeslaTap Mini 60 Amp GROUP BUY

    I'm interested
  11. themickd

    SOLD FS: Taycan Turbo S Factory take-offs…

    Are these still available?
  12. themickd

    Differences between 2020 and 2021 Taycan Turbo

    I’m sure this is captured somewhere, but I can’t find it. Can anyone point me to the upgrades / changes between the 2020 and 2021 Taycan Turbo? I have a 2021 on order but it keeps getting pushed back. It might not arrive until 2022 at this point, and I’m frustrated. I could negotiate a...
  13. themickd

    Rear Middle Light Strip - Clear Logo

    How hard was this swap out? Are there instructions included when you buy it from Porsche, or did you find instructions elsewhere on the web?
  14. themickd

    Porsche plant summer shutdown 2021

    Same thing happened to me. Got an email saying my Taycan has completed production (on time) and then two days later my TYD estimate went from 56 days to 99 days. I'm very frustrated by this and my SA's response was not helpful whatsoever. Perhaps it's not his fault, but when someone is spending...
  15. themickd

    Perfection on Four Wheels

    I agree that some healthy competition from solid manufactures like MB is good for consumers, I simply cannot get over how ugly the exterior of the EQS is. It's like a Tesla and a Prius had a baby. Assuming they use the same design language in an EGE, it would be a hard pass for me. I think these...
  16. themickd

    Aftermarket rear spoiler

    Would love to hear more about your customized radar system! I had an Escort system with lira shifters in my M4 I had a while back and loved it. Kinda scared to mess with the electronics in a Taycan though.
  17. themickd

    Mansory Porsche Taycan Program Announced

    Gross. The gall of these guys plastering MANSORY over Porsche logos when all they're offering is cosmetic "upgrades". For reasons I don't understand this pisses me off.
  18. themickd

    Options/Sensors for "Future Proofing" for FOD Capabilities

    Hello all, My build is about to lock, and with the news of a potential Remote Park in MY22, it begs the question of whether I have all the sensors I might need for this and other FOD capabilities (e.g., Tesla's "Auto Pilot"). Currently, I have the Premium Package, Performance Package and the...