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  1. New Porsche “K1” 7 Seat EV SUV coming

    Knock that thing out sooner than later so you don't have a baby/toddler screwing up the expensive interior. 😆
  2. after delivery add on

    Check Suncoast. I think they have one.
  3. 📸 How to Find Your Taycan Production Photo From Assembly Line

    At the risk of getting deep into the weeds while clawing for any information, I found this bit of info. Unfortunately, I didn't notice what this said yesterday when I first starting digging. TYD says my car entered production on 1/27. Has anyone at the same phase noticed what their's says? I...
  4. Pure Green Taycan Turbo S PTS

    As far as I know, Porsche transports them in enclosed trailers so no need to worry about road rash. Boat or trailer rash is always possible but I've gotta figure they have the precautions down to a T so it's pretty rare... hopefully.
  5. Protection Stuff

    That's what I was thinking. At least the ones with a term limit are just insurance policies.
  6. Help me choose a wrap

    At night? Yes .😆 You could have said you were in Hoboken and I wouldn't have thought twice about it... especially mentioning a Mustang. Now, if you mentioned that the Mustang was blaring Bad Bunny from speakers mounted outside of the car, I'd call you a liar for claiming you were in Ukraine when...
  7. Help me choose a wrap

    Interesting. I didn't think they were available in Europe so I was quite surprised to see the pic. I thought the pics were actually New Jersey until I saw the banner. 😆 Thanks for the info and good luck with it all.
  8. Help me choose a wrap

    Off topic but are Mustangs readily available in Ukraine?
  9. Body Kit Addition

    Suncoast has a Turbo "conversion" kit for $1000.
  10. Best interior leather colour for volcano grey CT?

    Red or slate, if it were me. I have a similarly colored MB E300 now with something similar to truffle and it's a nice combo, too.
  11. Stuttgart Collection?

    We also have the PCNA delivery experience available in Atlanta and LA.
  12. Stuttgart Collection?

    Valid question. 😆 I think you take delivery and have it for a few days to drive around Germany and then bring it back to the factory and they ship it. BMW does it (or used to, anyway), too.
  13. Stuttgart Collection?

    I noticed it's available for a 911 but not for a Taycan in the US market.
  14. PTS - can they do satin?

    Interesting... PTS is almost $12k in the US. About the same for PPF, though.
  15. PTS - can they do satin?

    XPEL Stealth seems to be the popular choice for satin PPF.
  16. PTS - can they do satin?

    PPF will be about 1/2 the price (in the US, anyway) of a PTS and no delays directly related to PTS, which doesn't offer satin.
  17. Porsche Dashcam Installed - Review and Overview for US Taycan Owners

    If I drive over from Melbourne, will you run my cables? 😆
  18. PTS - can they do satin?

    The easiest way to go satin is with satin PPF, which many people add, anyway - gloss or satin.

    It's currently a $7000 upgrade on a US market RWD. For that price, it should include a professional "lady of the night" to change the volume for me.
  20. Trade my Taycan Base for a new Corvette

    Personal choice, IMO. I’m a fan of having an “adult car”, some may call it a daily driver, and a fun vehicle. I had a Jeep Wrangler that hadn’t had it doors or top on in 4+ years but had to sell it to make my Taycan payments palatable. It was great having it along with my MEric daily driver. If...