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  1. Electrify America charging issues

    I made them email me a ticket number and follow up email. i reply to the email every couple days asking for a update. and its always the same old bs. EA rep the other day said that Porsche does not have a master ticket with them regarding this issue. other brands do that it has affected. I don't...
  2. Electrify America charging issues

    main function of the car not working is ok with you? are you cool paying me 8k in fuel fees so i dont call them and get the included charge?
  3. Electrify America charging issues

    ive started doing that, but the risk is all stalls being full or not working and having spent time on the phone talking to them.
  4. Electrify America charging issues

    its hit and miss, some owners the app is down for others its not, EA and Porsche have no idea why.
  5. Electrify America charging issues

    were not doing anything wrong, their is an outage since October that has not been fixed yet. it effects couple different brands as well
  6. Electrify America charging issues

    at this point I think im going to initiate a lemon law against Porsche USA. This is ridiculous and unacceptable. having to spend 10minutes on the phone with EA for them to turn on the machine is nuts.
  7. How to operate Electrify America free charging

    im still having this issue, has yours been fixed?
  8. Remote Charging by using the myPorsche App on iOS

    anyone have this issue fixed for them?
  9. Electrify America charging issues

    This still hasnt been fixed since mid October, please call porsche and create a case with them. Have them escalate it as well, its not acceptable that they cant fix a damn app. atleast send you customers a prepaid credit card or something while it gets fixed.
  10. Plug & Charge issues with EA

    EA and the Porsche App are having a outage across US. its been almost three months since this issue has happened. it effects some ppl only. Ive noticed other brands have the same problem as well. Call Porsche USA and create a ticket so they fix it faster
  11. Took one on the Taycan chin today

    same thing happened to mine, hit the painted bumper part two! happened two weeks out and I havent fixed it a year later. its a bumper, things will hit it.
  12. New HV Battery Storage Room(s) soon required @ dealers -- first look photos

    I thought its battery storage for fast chargers being installed at dealers. nevermind....back to shitty EA chargers we go.
  13. EA (Electrify America) Sucks - that is all

    Have you tried the app? I had the same experience. my app is still not working.
  14. EA (Electrify America) Sucks - that is all

    My porsche app/EA has not yet gotten fixed yet. can someone do some prayer or something?
  15. New Electrify America (EA) Chargers failing in cold weather

    I dont think you live in a area that has a lot of EV's and you had to wait two hours to charge your car. come to LA and youll see what a whiner we are.
  16. First Experience with EA Charging on Road Trip

    im assuming yes, porsche and EA said their is no fix yet. I even made a case and had it escalated, need to make a case so they know we are not happy.
  17. First Experience with EA Charging on Road Trip

    tried the new chargers. same error
  18. First Experience with EA Charging on Road Trip

    It was supposed to be fixed by 12/19/2022 but still nothing. fail!
  19. First Experience with EA Charging on Road Trip

    still hasnt been fixed. over two weeks and a major fail by both porsche and EA
  20. EA (Electrify America) Sucks - that is all

    has this been fixed for you? or is eanyone else having the same issue or know a fix?