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  1. Taycan Most Eye-Catching EV in 5.63 sec

    This I like. I was wondering why I was always staring when I see one on the road.
  2. 2023 Taycan Build seeking feedback

    I have been researching, driving, and looking at many things in person for the past year to finalize my build and ready to place the order in for the 2023. I am seeking feedback to understand what to expect after the order is placed. Dealer said Bose and BM amplifiers are on back order and may...
  3. Taycan 4S PBP: Speed vs. Range

    I came across this during my research as I am on the fence of pulling the trigger on a 2022 4S order or not. This is a really concerning reality to me and while I do not have one yet, my test 4S car that I drove long distance on the highway was consistent with this graph, so when I set it to...