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    Porsche Taycan Deemed Most Eye-Catching EV in Research Study 😳

    Results of this article are questionable at best. The fact that there's even a table ranking cars by how "eye catching" they are in a piece probably speaks to the level of automotive journalism going on here. Model 3 is pretty hideous.

    How attractive is the Taycan really to car thieves?

    Rear quarter window is an easy target, much like Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles. Goal isn't to steal the car, but drop the rear seats to check the trunk for laptops etc. Really doesn't matter if you have 2+1 or not. That window was backordered in the US for quite some time. I'm not sure if...

    Available Allocations & Incoming Taycans @ MSRP

    Thanks @ssim for the insights. I guess it affirms that ST allocations are just very rare, and that waiting is going to just have to continue for that car.

    Available Allocations & Incoming Taycans @ MSRP

    Just curious: are US allocations for the GTS Sport Turismo still very very sparse? I've been #3 at my dealership (granted a small one) since the car was announced (about 13-14 months ago now).

    Thinking of going back to ICE

    I've gone back and forth with electric, ICE, and hybrid. Ended up keeping a couple ICE cars over the years to satisfy that urge to go back.

    Rate my PPF

    This is about average, and what I would expect at most places. Even places that are good have lazy days or lazy employees that just don't care. There is only one place I've been to that cares enough to do the job very well. They also have a 4-6 month wait, charge a lot more, and only have the...

    Recommended front facing dash cams to hardwire?

    If you live in a warmer climate, I'd suggest Thinkware U1000 4K over Blackvue. The Blackvue mount is cantilevered so it has a tendency to sag in warmer climates, and they overheat too easily. Image quality with Thinkware is a little better, and the app is a big step up. I'd suggest hardwiring a...

    Dealer playing games and giving away build slots?

    Hope you get the allocation back. Sounds like a questionable salesperson or even-worse, the GM, that you likely do not want a long term relationship with though.' Good luck!

    Front and rear dashcam preparation option

    I don't see a lot of threads referring to this, but I stopped using Blackvue for some time now. I had their top of the line model (DR900 4K Front 2K Rear) for some time on our family car, and the system always seemed to overheat easily. The mount was also finicky as it would slightly sag as most...
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    Taycan GTS collection cancelled - heating system issues discovered during PDI

    Sorry to hear about this. As someone waiting over a year as well for an allocation to even lock-in, I feel your pain. Wonder if you can make the most of the time while waiting for parts. For example, PPF or tint or anything else you need to take care of before hitting the road.
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    Ordered my ST. Any last minute advice before locking

    This is the key to enjoying the expensive, underperforming Bose system.
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    Ordered my ST. Any last minute advice before locking

    Makes sense that one could think this way. If you've decided your expectations will be set so low in any environment besides your home audio setup, well then kudos to you for pouring all the audiophile money into 1 outlet. I, for one, am not nearly as successful, temporally independent, and/or...
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    Ordered my ST. Any last minute advice before locking

    I'm sure YMMV on this topic, but I would option the Burmeister. I drove a Taycan 4 CT rental with the Bose system, and it was very disappointing. Again, YMMV depending on your tastes, but anyone who says the Bose system is good enough likely isn't a discerning listener or doesn't care to be one.
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    Norcal dashcam installation

    Dead thread maybe, but Sound Innovations in Union City has been a great place for me. Ernesto, the owner, has personally in the business of mobile audio, alarms, radar, and dash cams since I was literally a kid. Great work and even better people there. You can tell them Rich w/ the GTC4Lusso...
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    Pics of Fire Extinguisher?

    Not if you specced the premium package with the noise/thermal side glass
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    Burglary Experience With Thermally & Noise Insulted Glass

    Good example as to why the traditional emergency window breaker tools will not work on thermal/acoustic insulated glass (i.e. double glazed).
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    [US] - Over the Top - the well equipped EV home garage…for those that wish to "over do it"…

    Yes! Install was a bit of a handful to get everything behind sheetrock, but the finished product is clean. Need to patch the drywall but other than that, I am super happy with the end result. Now... need a Taycan to charge.
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    [US] - Over the Top - the well equipped EV home garage…for those that wish to "over do it"…

    Just a quick update. First thank you to @daveo4EV, @whitex, and @Jhenson29 for your quick advice and feedback last month. I ended up ordering the dual Clipper Creek HCS-80 with Share2 Enabled. Originally the lead time on the kit was 18 weeks, which the website still says it does, but the EVSEs...
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    [US] - Over the Top - the well equipped EV home garage…for those that wish to "over do it"…

    Yes, I’ve definitely considered that too. Am I crazy for wanting to get to max out the 19.2kW charge speed at home? When I had the Model S 70D, the faster charge rate of the Tesla Wall Connector (~59 mi/hr) turned out to be a lifesaver in a few situations throughout ownership. Was the...
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    [US] - Over the Top - the well equipped EV home garage…for those that wish to "over do it"…

    Thanks folks. I think I will replace my Tesla Wall Connector Gen1 with the Porsche Wall Charger Connect (or the Clipper Creek CS-100 70/80 Selectable) then ask the electrician to install a 2nd 240V plug on the same circuit on the opposite side of the garage. This will give me the option to...