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  1. Can't Come Quickly Enough - Porsche Partners with ABB Charging

    The problem with cold weather appears to be fixed.
  2. Facelift 2024MY Taycan will arrive summer 2024 for delivery in 2025 (says Porsche head office)

    There is no way I am paying $100k-plus for plastic seats (although they are good for the kid's wet bathing suit).
  3. Study says Taycan loses 20% of range in winter

    I applaud your understanding of geometric means.
  4. Porsche Taycan Deemed Most Eye-Catching EV in Research Study 😳

    A Lexus is more eye catching than a F40? Come on.
  5. HomeLink - Garage Door Opens by Itself

    Yes. I imagine that a neighbor was pressing his clicker at the same time I was programming the Taycan. An unlikely coincidence, but possible. I fully reset the opener, deleting all remotes and keypads. I then reestablished each device, including the Taycan. So far, the problem is solved.
  6. HomeLink - Garage Door Opens by Itself

    So, to be clear, you only reprogramed your car's HomeLink, and that fixed it?
  7. HomeLink - Garage Door Opens by Itself

    This sounds crazy, but any help is appreciated. I had the same garage door system (lift master) for several years, and it worked exactly right the whole time. Nothing has changed since it got the Taycan. Immediately after programming my new Taycan's HomeLink, which works, the garage door now...
  8. Anybody bought the backrest protector???

    I have both , and I am very glad to have had them. Maybe your toddler is different from mine, but when a "no" is delivered, there was kicking.
  9. Shatner Screenplay - Comments Welcome

    I guess it's too obscure.
  10. Shatner Screenplay - Comments Welcome

    Screenplay. Setting: Porsche dealership Bill Shatner walks-in and browses a few cars Sexy pan shots of a few classics. Shatner walks to a Taycan. "What is this car?" SA enters. "That is Porsche's new all-electric sedan, the Taycan." Overhead shot of Shatner. Shatner looks up into camera...
  11. December 2022 Deliveries

    in my case (Supreme ACE), TYD had a three-day delay in notifying me after the ship left Emden
  12. How did your friends react to the car ... ?

    Thank you for posting this. Loved that Morrisey period, but I had forgotten about this song.
  13. December 2022 Deliveries

    Looks great. I wanted the GTS black-out look for my 4S. I got everything black, but I couldn't bring myself to spring for painted rims - you have to buy the most expensive ones and then pay extra to have them painted.
  14. My 2 Dogs in a Sport Turismo

    I am really pleased to hear this. I presently get my two dogs around town in a Macan. I had driven a sedan, but I have never seen a CT in person - I ordered it based on pictures alone of the rear hatch area.
  15. December 2022 Deliveries

    CP 8.0 was on 11/8/22. Things came together nicely with almost no slack to put the car on this ship.
  16. December 2022 Deliveries

    Turns out, my 4S CT did make it onto the Supreme ACE - TYD was just a few days behind reality. Scheduled to arrive in Houston at the end of the month. Getting closer.
  17. December 2022 Deliveries

    OK, then, thanks. (P.S. I just quoted you)
  18. December 2022 Deliveries

    Supreme Ace presents a few questions: 1. why has it been moored since 11/11/22? I thought these ships turned-around ASAP. 2. Where is it going? Its previous trips suggested Houston, but it looks like its next stop is Hallifax. The real question for me is, what is the next ship to Houston? My...
  19. December 2022 Deliveries

    Yes, just a joke. I have not, and do not plan to compile maritime safety data.