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  1. Porsche 718 Boxster convertible EV spotted charging at 170kw rate

    Really is special, just like this e-718 will likely be. The world of EVs is getting a lot more interesting : ) 170 kW to the Boxster seems excellent, btw, for what will likely be a relatively small and light battery.
  2. Early days speculation about next-gen Taycan

    I'm holding out for gen 2. Must haves are physical buttons, much better software experience with actual OTA and Tesla/Mercedes level charger navigation, better backup camera (VW cameras are terrible at night), and of course more range. I would also like to see better packaging. The Taycan is a...
  3. First U.S. Tesla Supercharger Location With Universal "Magic Dock" CCS Compatible Plug Potentially Discovered

    Not really a wishlist, just the minimum viable design. A Taycan (or any front fender chargeport vehicle) will only reach if parked perpendicular to the typical back-in spaces, thus blocking other chargers. Lack of a standardized charge port location was a huge miss on the part of automakers...
  4. First U.S. Tesla Supercharger Location With Universal "Magic Dock" CCS Compatible Plug Potentially Discovered

    Can't wait for the Superchargers to open! There's been a lot of discussion about this Magic Dock thing and cable length. Anything less than 4 extended length CCS cables per station will result in mayhem and a very bad look for Tesla. Hopefully they are smart about this.
  5. Out of Spec Motoring - Taycan Roadtripping on the Autobahn

    I'm glad somebody is running all of these tests, but I wouldn't watch a feature-length video of someone getting gas. Same goes for EVs.
  6. How attractive is the Taycan really to car thieves?

    I didn't mind it. They streamlined the process by removing the start/stop button. Enter pin, put it in drive, go.
  7. How attractive is the Taycan really to car thieves?

    Automakers should add “Pin to Drive” like Tesla has. It’s a simple but very effective defense against those relay attacks.
  8. Will you test drive the Mercedes EQS?

    I was not too impressed with my test drive of the EQS sedan. It had a level of quietness that is initially impressive, but overall it lacked the cosseting feeling of an S-Class. It felt more like a tech product than an ultra luxury experience. The EQ brand will be dropped by 2024 (C&D), so it...
  9. The Base Taycan is a gem... drove it and was blown away

    Didn’t mean to ruffle feathers. I’m glad you are enjoying your RWD, it’s just not for me.
  10. The Base Taycan is a gem... drove it and was blown away

    Power is integral to my enjoyment of sport sedans. I just couldn't do the base model. An old S-Class will hustle quicker than that, and make glorious noises all the while. I expect a brand new EV sport sedan costing $100k to do a lot better than 5 seconds.
  11. First Road Trip Musings/Charging Infrastructure is a Joke

    Public CCS charging is a novelty. That's the best way to put it. The pushback from the EV zombies is frustrating. The people that proclaim Electrify America works flawlessly and if you have problems it's because you're holding it wrong, or that CCS can take you anywhere in the country that gas...
  12. My first two days with my Porsche Taycan CT4S

    Is that normal consumption for a CT? 140-150 mile full charge seems especially not good (assuming they started the trip at 100%). Those consumption figures are just a hair better than what I’m seeing on the highway in my Ford Lightning (7000 lb brick wall). In general, preconditioning (using...
  13. Going From 22 to 23. Would You Do It?

    What’s the cost to do this considering depreciation, tax, etc.?
  14. Be honest, how many of you have shredded your bumper on a speed bump or incline?

    Cars were made to scrape on the underside. That’s what I tell myself when it happens. :D Never scraped a Taycan and do not own one - but that’s another reason to spec air suspension.
  15. Feedback Please - "Bare Essentials" Porsche Taycan

    IMHO, the BMW i4 is the machine I would choose over a stripped down Taycan. You just get so much more, for so much less. And from the EV side BMW software is pretty solid. Just my 2 cents, it should be at least test driven.
  16. Announcement: Porsche’s new on-board and wall chargers nearly halve Taycan home charge times

    I’m not up to date. Is the nerfed onboard charger and/or charge cable unit being replaced for owners with these defective versions?
  17. New Electrify America (EA) Chargers failing in cold weather

    The frustration is that the technology IS here and has been for years, but Electrify America is so poorly run that they muck up several key components of the chargers. What you are saying is reasonable, but the unreasonable part of me refuses to spend $100k on a vehicle and not travel with it.
  18. One month in Cross Turismo Taycan Turbo Acid Green PTS.... fantastic!

    How does this sort of color affect resale? I could imagine it going either way.
  19. Charging Etiquette

    The charging company & vehicle screens themselves could make this clearer to people. “Max charge rate 150 kW, choose a 150 kW charger if available,” “Vehicle has enough charge to reach your destination,” etc.
  20. Winter And Cold Temperature Weather EV Range Loss - % loss in popular models (chart)

    Am I missing something obvious, Chevy Bolt and VW ID.4 have more range than every Tesla? 🤨