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  1. Dabz

    Ambient lighting - what’s lit without it?

    I’d not noticed the ambient lighting option until today and haven’t specced it. Without the option ticked, what interior lights are there as standard? Is it just the overhead lights when the door opens, or are there guide lights for door handles etc?
  2. Dabz

    Any third party roof bar feet yet?

    I’m surprised Thule haven’t released a compatible set of roof bar feet yet. Does anyone know of any? Porsche ones seem overpriced and the beauty of Thule is that I’ve always just swapped the feet with each change of car
  3. Dabz

    PTS - can they do satin?

    With a week to go until lock I'm now thinking of going PTS - wondering if they can do satin paint or if they'll only do gloss and then I'd need a wrap for satin? I've only ever known a couple of body shops able to do satin paint, apparently it's a real pain in the neck to use (paint and satin...
  4. Dabz

    When are new allocations released?

    I'm sure I read somewhere (on here) that dealers get their annual allocations in January - or did I make that up and it's based on MY? Just wondering how long to wait to chase my dealer....ordered in June so not expecting it any time soon but I just need to move the cash out of a 0.5% interest...
  5. Dabz

    UK Road Tax on EVs coming? It was always inevitable
  6. Dabz

    Brand new RWD or 2yr old 4S?

    I’m completely undecided on this. I’ve always had brand new cars, definitely for the last 10-15 years anyway though nothing this expensive. I’ve got a RWD on order, might eventually arrive Q3 2023. Total build price is £92k with my chosen options. I’ve seen a December 2020 registered 4S for...
  7. Dabz

    Spider 21” wheels and Center logo

    Wonder if anyone can help. Every pic I find both on Porsche configurator and online show the Spyder wheels with a colour logo in the centre caps. The dealer says that because it lets you tick the coloured logo option it means they must be mono as standard…but I’m not so sure. If you buy...
  8. Dabz

    White vs Carrara White Metallic

    Has anyone got any comparison pics of the standard white vs the metallic white? I've had a number of solid white cars in the past and absolutely loved them - easy to keep looking clean, look great with black wheels and privacy glass etc...but wondering if a Porsche deserves metallic instead
  9. Dabz

    Dealer freebies and discounts?

    First post, off to the dealer on Friday to test drive and place order (Q3 2023 delivery apparently, going armed with my 5k deposit to get in the queue). I'm used to being able to get a few bits thrown in while doing the deal with other manufacturers (services, paint protection, matts, usually a...