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  1. Help me waste money on my theoretical Taycan! (i.e., 4CT build thread)

    the 400V 150kw charger upgrade is pointless. The only charging network that does more than 50kw and is 400V is the tesla supercharger network, which you can't even use in a Taycan (yet). Of course if the goal is to waste money and it is no object, then go for it. I'm sure you'll use it a total...
  2. Electrify America raising prices at least 15% starting March 6, 2023

    I always thought the rates were low, especially the per minute rates. I mean it’s even cheaper than Tesla and Tesla swears that their supercharging fees are not for profit but to maintain and expand the network
  3. 6 weeks until collection

    GTS has some more sport-oriented features and options standard, but the PCM software is basically the same. As well as general rules with opening the doors/frunks/trunks (im sorry boot cuz ur british) etc... haha. Charge port is obviously different but other than that, a good general guide for...
  4. 2023 CT4S First Impressions

    Where are the damn pics :)
  5. 6 weeks until collection

    How To set up and operate your All new Taycan! - YouTube
  6. The Base Taycan is a gem... drove it and was blown away

    Oh the irony that we live in a world where 0-60mph in ~4.8 seconds is considered slow
  7. Protection Stuff

    i would just take it to a PPF shop on your own. I'd recommend Autonuvo. Took my Model X there years ago when i lived in MA.
  8. February 2023 deliveries

    I have a March 10th estimated build date and it shows arriving Houston 4/21 followed by 4/28 at my dealer in Baton Rouge. Your time line is way faster even though you're further from the port so hopefully that also means i'll get my car earlier in april lol.
  9. Carplay no steering wheel support? Come on…..

    Why are people defending the lack of audio control buttons on the steering wheel? a $25k nissan will have a back/forward track button on the steering wheel. sometimes one might want to repeat a song they just listened to? Or maybe pause a song real quick when they are somewhere where they need...
  10. At least our steering wheels stay on

    Oh its no secret Tesla has no QC lol.
  11. [ANNOUNCED] - PMCC tech advisory : charging rate amperage lowered for "normal" usage of the PMCC (rate reduced by half)

    Anyone remember long time ago when the iPhone 4 had the antennagate issue, where the signal would drop if you held the phone a certain way? Apple's solution was to let people buy 3rd party cases and get imbursed for them for free. There's an idea for Porsche. If you can't fix your EVSE then...
  12. At least our steering wheels stay on

    holy crap. im sure its just a freak defect instead of some widespread tesla flaw. a Tesla owner would just clap back "at least i have a working heater" and Taycan owners would be silent.
  13. The Base Taycan is a gem... drove it and was blown away

    Jeeze who ever would’ve thought a guy liking a base model taycan would stir up so many emotions lol
  14. Help me spec out a Taycan

    PDLS+ is standard on the 4S.
  15. Sport Sound Owners - Do You Use It Most of the Time?

    i only spec-ed it on my new car not because i plan on using it but because it was a relatively inexpensive option that could affect resale. i know there are a lot of, umm people, out there that appreciate those sounds.
  16. Help me spec out a Taycan

    All you guys suggesting Matrix Lights as must have dont realize that the OP is in the USA, where matrix lights have zero functionality and he will basically be wasting $1500+ on absolutely nothing. Solid advice. My Two Cents: Must haves are the Active Cruise Control. Everything else is a...

    If anyone is listening to music on spotify then dont waste $$ on the burmester or you're just going to look silly
  18. Took one on the Taycan chin today

    that's pretty tiny if you ask me, and hardly noticeable unless you look for it. i'd save the money.
  19. 2023 CT4S First Impressions

    Pics or it didn't happen You'll want to put your charging stops in the navigation. Its the only way the car will pre-condition the battery for fast charging.
  20. Facelift 2024MY Taycan will arrive summer 2024 for delivery in 2025 (says Porsche head office)

    Im coming from Tesla and i am well aware that i am giving up a very established autopilot system. But the point of a porsche is a luxury car that is fun to drive. If you want a car that drives itself, then Tesla is the option. If you want a car that you want full control over and have fun with...