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  1. HomeLink - Garage Door Opens by Itself

    This sounds crazy, but any help is appreciated. I had the same garage door system (lift master) for several years, and it worked exactly right the whole time. Nothing has changed since it got the Taycan. Immediately after programming my new Taycan's HomeLink, which works, the garage door now...
  2. Shatner Screenplay - Comments Welcome

    Screenplay. Setting: Porsche dealership Bill Shatner walks-in and browses a few cars Sexy pan shots of a few classics. Shatner walks to a Taycan. "What is this car?" SA enters. "That is Porsche's new all-electric sedan, the Taycan." Overhead shot of Shatner. Shatner looks up into camera...
  3. Sticker Front Plate in Denver?

    Re: Colorado, I am considering a decal/sticker front plate. Any thoughts for the Denver metro folks. My understanding is that only a few areas in the Denver area even care.