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  1. Fish Fingers

    UK reliability survey - Porsche last

    Apologies if this is a repost. I couldn't see it anywhere. That said it is for used cars over the last 2 year (out of manufacturers warranty?) so there shouldnt be...
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    Android Auto - uses?

    I am just wondering how everyone is using Android Auto after the uPdate? I was mostly happy with the Porsche Nav and don't use my phone as a music source. I use Internet radio and USB. I also mostly wait till I'm not driving to respond to calls / messages etc. So I am just wondering what...
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    Which options add the most weight?

    I love my Taycan, but (like all EV's) I wish it was lighter. Mines a RWD which is obviously the lightest, but it just got me thinking how much the various options weigh? PB+ is an obvious one, but then I got thinking about things like pano roof. And 22kw and 150kw on board charger options. Are...
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    Audio / Hi-fi thread

    Due to the Taycan / Bose thread receiving lots of posts on audio in general, I have set up this thread for audio/hi-fi/sound system discussion, Taycan and non Taycan related. Fill your boots.....
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    Telegraph article: Russian gas puts brakes on German E'

    Has anyone got a subscription for the Telegraph? I think this article may be of interest to many on here, but I don't subscribe.
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    Track comparison: Tesla Model 3 Performance vs Taycan 4S

    I don't think it's been posted before....? Interesting comparison of the 2 cars on a track, in stock form....
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    Q. Aircon - Heating & cooling energy use?

    With the weather warming up, today was the first time this year that I needed to turn the aircon on to cool the car down. It was only about a week ago, I was using the heater to defrost the car. Angway, it Just got me wondering which uses the most energy (battery) cooling when it's hot, or...
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    What goes on with the front air vents when driving?

    So what happens with the front air vents when we are driving.....and what does it achieve? I don't think I have seen this mentioned anywhere on here previously. ?
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    Marvin Gaye - 50 years on

    Marvin was a visionary imo. 51 years on and this seem more relevant than ever. Just in case anyone doesnt know the song, or not taken any notice of the lyrics....
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    EV battery costs soar

    Interesting article here saying that the cost of commodities used in EV batteries has more than doubled since the start of the year. I wonder whether we will be seeing a more substantial price increase for...
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    Useable battery - Are Porsche looking after us?

    I was reading an article just now comparing a BMW i4 / Polestar 2 / Tesla M3 (BMW won btw) and was looking in the tech comparison at the end. I was surprised to see how little reserve is...
  12. Fish Fingers

    Miss having indicator in side mirrors

    Most of my previous cars had a small indicator incorporated in the side mirrors. So you could make sure you were indicating at a glance when making a manoeuvre without having to check the dash. I really miss it in this car. Was it an option at all, or just not something Porsche do?
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    Q. Taycan model and battery degredation?

    I read on here recently about things that 'age' the battery. One of them was constant fast discharges (acceleration) iirc. So it got me thinking, if different models used the same battery and are driven typical to their potential (TS>T>4S>RWD) will this have an impact on battery degredation...
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    Logged out of PCM - advice sought

    After 5 months of trouble free use of the PCM, for some reason today it suddenly logged me out. Went to start a journey and the continue as guest screen came up. I did the 2 finger soft reset of the PCM to see if that would help (no change) and then continued as a guest (as my account was...
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    What do you keep in your frunk?

    This is my first Porsche and as soon as I picked it up I just threw the Porsche charger and also my home charging lead in the Frunk (or Froot in the UK ?). Seems to make more sense as I am more likely to use the boot (trunk) for other etc. And the leads just fit in there...
  16. Fish Fingers

    EVs v ICE long term durability

    The Taycan is my first EV and I know very little about them from a long term durability perspective. Especially compared to ICE cars that I have been used to. I am guessing that enough people have now had EVs (Teslas?) longer term and may have some input on this. I appreciate the batteries...
  17. Fish Fingers

    Door handle stuck in out position

    Just wondering if anyone has experienced this before..... Rear door handle extends on unlock and door actually locks and unlocks normally. But the handle does not retract when you press the lock button on the keyfob. You can push it back in manually (with a bit of force). And the door opens...
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    RWD - Normal v Sport mode differences

    I have got the RWD without Sport Chrono so my options are Range, Normal and Sport. I never use Range unless the car defaults to it. But I was just wondering what exactly the differences are between Normal and Sport? And do you get an actual performance improvement in sport, in that if you...
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    UK service & costs

    Following the thread on the general servicing section about servicing costs, it would appear that the UK buyers are paying more than other countries for servicing. As some cars approach first service time, could members just update this thread with their experiences / costs please. In the...
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    How much control does 'Mothership' have over our cars?

    I was reading a pros and cons about owning a Tesla recently and one of the cons was that effectively the company ultimately controls your car. Then reading on here about them increasing battery for Katrina. It just got me wondering how much control Porsche Mothership has over our Taycans...