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  1. OzzieT

    Taycan Build Status - Porsche App

    Ordered 23rd March with deposit. Order loaded factory with available production slot 12th December (March order just put me in the queue). Order frozen 24th January. Production scheduled 10/11th February. Arrival at dealer 21st April. Expecting to get the car early May.
  2. OzzieT

    Taycan Build Status - Porsche App

    I updated the app version, and I can now see progress in the app. The website provides the build dates, whereas they are not listed in the app. That said my build date keeps changing from the 10/11th Feb to 17/18th Feb. One week it is the earlier date and the next week it is the later date...
  3. OzzieT

    RAS when coming from an M5?

    @datal1 I went from a BMW 650 without RAS to the 850 with RAS. Amazing difference and it aligns to the excellent points made above by @f1eng. Given the GTS (on order) is very similar in size to the 850, it was one of the first options added.
  4. OzzieT

    Taycan Build Status - Porsche App

    Sandeep the website is being accurately updated but I’m not receiving email alerts of any changes to dates or achievement of milestones. You can follow my journey here:
  5. OzzieT

    ☄️ 2023 Taycan 4 Cross Turismo [22" Wheels, Lowering Module, Roofbox, Adventure Ready]

    Sensational. Appreciate the attention to detail and color matching.
  6. OzzieT

    Stuttgart to Sydney...and beyond

    My production date has just moved out a week from February 10 to February 17. Given the shipping options this is likely to have a significant flow on impact to my hoped for April arrival at Port Kembla. Very frustrating and disappointing.
  7. OzzieT

    Porsche Taycan Deemed Most Eye-Catching EV in Research Study 😳

    Thanks @Clod Reed. This article really caught my eye.
  8. OzzieT

    Introducing my '23 Stealth Taycan GTS ( XPEL Stealth PPF on the whole vehicle + 2 gloss stripes on hood)

    Thank Thanks so much @mcdermottm. Without wanting to distract from taybatman’s post - further details on my journey here:
  9. OzzieT

    How attractive is the Taycan really to car thieves?

    Interesting thread. Are Taycan’s more trouble than they are worth to thieves? I suspect that over time thieves will find a way to extract value. Perhaps - given the car is full of tech - physical vehicle theft may morph into a ransomware like attack. So through tech, thieves lock you car...
  10. OzzieT

    Introducing my '23 Stealth Taycan GTS ( XPEL Stealth PPF on the whole vehicle + 2 gloss stripes on hood)

    Congratulations @tayCanadian or should I say tayBatman. Beautifully done. The car is at its best in all black (IMO). Just as a reference, my GTS March 2022 order, goes into production February 10 and gets delivered….June?
  11. OzzieT

    Finally my Crayon Taycan GTS is here!

    Congratulations @Jabbar ! Very stylish. My GTS goes into production 10 February.
  12. OzzieT

    Typical time from config freeze to production

    Freeze January 13, Build February 10…currently for GTS sedan
  13. OzzieT

    Wheels stolen /locking bolts

    Indeed. It is cynical, penny pinching BS from Porsche. They are a $130 option on a very expensive car.
  14. OzzieT

    My new GTS ST has been allocated early

    @benw150 exciting developments. Similar story with my GTS which now has a scheduled order build of 10 February. Like you I went through all of the colours and then landed on Dolomite with black accents. I originally had Mission E wheels in gloss black and black door handles, but when I was...
  15. OzzieT

    Delivery dates

    My build commences 10 February - is your car on Trapper - ETA?
  16. OzzieT

    Stuttgart to Sydney...and beyond

    In further developments, there appear to be two other shipping options, in addition to the 'Toronto' departing Bremerhaven on 4 April and arriving Port Kembla 29 April. They are: Both options provide an earlier arrival date, but here's hoping it's the 'Berlin'. On a more trivial note, my...
  17. OzzieT

    Wheels stolen /locking bolts

    That would have been very tough to take. Locking wheel nuts make it harder.
  18. OzzieT

    Stuttgart to Sydney...and beyond

    Thanks mate. Can't wait to replicate your recent east coast trip.
  19. OzzieT

    Stuttgart to Sydney...and beyond

    We have now reached changed freeze point. Locked and loaded.