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  1. Switched to Winter Wheels and Reset TPMS

    A 19” set of wheels/tires fit in a Taycan (non-Turismo) with the seats down. Haven’t tried 20” wheels/tires though.
  2. Remote climate control not working

    Was this problem fixed yet?
  3. The Base Taycan is a gem... drove it and was blown away

    Just so you know, all Taycans have PASM whether they have steel springs or the optional air suspension on the RWD. And I agree I test drove a RWD twice, once with 20” and once with 21”. Both times I was suitably impressed — and am now waiting for my RWD build to arrive!
  4. 3D Surround View vs Surround View

    Note that Surround View is a standalone option. Whereas 3D Surround View Is included with “Remote ParkAssist incl. Lane Change Assist LCA, etc. See below for a more complete listing of what is included: Remote-Controlled Parking: Remote-controlled parking allows the driver to enter and leave...
  5. 3D Surround View vs Surround View

    Can someone please explain the difference between 3D Surround View vs Surround View? Is one better than the other? Is there any reason to have both?
  6. Squeaking/squealing noise (outside of car)

    FWIW I was told that PSCB are subject to squealing whereas stock brakes are quieter in that regard. Though please note that this is second hand knowledge not personal experience.
  7. Listening to music in a Taycan - formats and sources!

    Has anyone utilized this Samsung 256GB mini USB-C flash drive for music files in their Taycan? Or is there another mini USB-C as small or smaller with more storage size available that is...
  8. Listening to music in a Taycan - formats and sources!

    When I look at the manual it indicates FLAC files are playable but does not mention WAV or AIFF. So my assumption is that they are not playable but it would be nice to know for sure. Also the manual I’m looking at says that the max is 320 bit/s and 48 kHz sampling rate. It doesn’t mention bit...
  9. Set of summer tires: 20" Michelin Pilot Sport 4

    I’m curious what you replaced them with. And if the new tires are quieter?