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  1. badboy1980

    Retro Fitting OEM Carbon Kit

    I have my GTS coming soon and I regret not getting the Carbon Kit. I was thinking of getting it retro fitted. Porsche have given me a cost for the kit and the labour (labour is very expensive). Has anyone done this before, if so, do you mind sharing the experience. Thanks in advance! 😊
  2. badboy1980

    Electric Steering Wheel Adjustment Taycan GTS

    Hi All, I was just wondering if anyone could give a response concerning electric steering wheel adjustment. I believe it’s specified in my GTS 18 way seats but I heard that some Taycan models are not getting the electronic adjustment but a manual one. Has anyone collected a GTS recently and if...
  3. badboy1980

    Supply Chain Bottlenecks - Availability of equipment and accessories

    Dear All, I just noted this on the UK website whilst reviewing the spec for my Taycan GTS. Any ideas what items may be affected? I know that the Burmester Sound System is no longer available, not sure if this is linked to this? I hope that the LED matrix lights remain, not sure what else...
  4. badboy1980

    Sport Seats vs Comfort Seats

    Hi All, I have ordered a Taycan GTS which is going into production in the next couple of weeks. I have selected the options I want but I'm really torn by getting comfort seats or sport seats. I have tried them both and the only issue I have with the sport seats is that the bottom side bolsters...
  5. badboy1980

    Glacier Ice Blue Front LED Headlights - When Will They Be Selectable Again in UK?

    Hi All, I have noted in other configurators such as Germany and USE the Glacier Ice Blue Front LED Headlights are still a selectable option (at least for the GTS Taycan) whilst in the UK it's not an option. Any update of when this will become selectable in the UK and other countries that may...
  6. badboy1980

    Leather seat centres in contrasting colour not shown on online configuration

    Hi All, I am looking to get red leather seats with black centres (contracting colour). The online configurator has the option to choose the colour of the contrasting centres but frustratingly does not show the image. Can anyone help with this? Is there anyone with red leather seats and black...
  7. badboy1980

    Real World Taycan 4S With Performance Battery Plus 0-60 Times?

    Hi there all, I have ordered my Taycan 4S with PB+ and am really looking forward to getting it. Porsche's website states it can do 0-60mph in 3.8 with launch control. I read an article stating they got 3.6 seconds 0-60mph. Has anybody tested their own 4S to get real life performance figures...
  8. badboy1980

    Feedback From Current Owners Please

    Hi All, I have a Tesla Model S P100D and recently also put a deposit on a Porsche Taycan 4S (with performance battery). Both cars are great and have their own pros/cons. There is no doubt that the Porsche is awesome build quality. I was just wondering if some current owners of the same model...