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  1. Remove Before Race Specs a Taycan

    The guy has great taste in cars but I cant watch his videos because he's too similar to Raj Koothrapalli from the Big Bang Theory. I keep waiting for Sheldon to come on...
  2. Great quote re. 911 that is as applicable to Taycan

    As a 911 and Taycan owner I love Porsches....but I readily admit there are worthy competitors from BMW, Benz, Audi, and even Alfa. The Porsche brand and dealership experience have gotten ridiculous and are pushing me to explore other brands. Tired of the endless speculation in regard to...
  3. Why do you LOVE your Taycan ?

    I love the steering and ride/handling balance. As a longstanding 911 owner I am used to sacrificing ride quality and NVH on the altar of handling. The Taycan is the best riding Porsche I've experienced (Panamera and Cayenne included) yet it handles quite well. The steering complements the...
  4. The Base Taycan is a gem... drove it and was blown away

    Go for a faster model. If you're having doubts they will only be amplified later. Automotive performance just keeps getting better and better. EVs are so fast that a >5 second 0-60 is inexcusably slow IMO. Yes there are many other delights in the Taycan but as a GT3 owner you probably...
  5. The Base Taycan is a gem... drove it and was blown away

    You are 100% correct in my opinion but this thread is full of people who want/need to validate purchasing a base model. It's amazing how there's so much conjecture but little fact here. Honestly I think all Taycans are great. The weight of these cars is already so high that a few hundred...
  6. The Base Taycan is a gem... drove it and was blown away

    FWIW I labeled myself delusional too 😁
  7. The Base Taycan is a gem... drove it and was blown away

    Glad that folks are happy with the RWD car too. Having driven it with and without air suspension I have noticed zero handling benefit vs the AWD. IMO there is no difference in the steering - its a 5000Lb car with electric steering not a 911 lol. That said if the delusion keeps you happy stick...
  8. The Base Taycan is a gem... drove it and was blown away

    Drove the base and 4S back to back. I’m sorry but while both handle and brake well the acceleration of the 4S is another league. My view is that the Taycan is so expensive why try to save a little by downgrading the performance to a level far below the competition? F6L
  9. Spent some time w/ Lucid Air this morning… impressions

    you are right and dr chill I owe you a sincere apology!
  10. Help me choose which option

    Have driven with and without air suspension - to me the ride and handling is better with it. Personally I have zero interest in ACC or self driving features in general so for me it would be #2. I think the cars with the small battery pack will be close to unsaleable in the future given...
  11. Improving cellular connection

    I actually have a T mobile extender that we use for our cell phones but it doesn’t appear the Taycan uses T mobile. I heard it uses Verizon and their extenders are expensive and difficult to obtain. F6L
  12. Improving cellular connection

    Thank you but what I am looking to do is program the car with my phone when I’m in the house. Without a good cellular connection I’m forced to go into a cold garage, open the car, and sit inside to set up the preheating. Trying to make it so that I can use my phone to preheat/cool Thx F6L
  13. Improving cellular connection

    Hi folks, My neighborhood is a black hole for cellular service. I have to use a T mobile wifi service extender for my cell phone. Unfortunately my Taycan doesn’t have a good cellular connection so I am unable to use the features from the my Porsche app. Is there any way I can add a cellular...
  14. Moving on

    The new SL will be amazing, no doubt! Drive it in good health! F6L.
  15. Feeback on build for new 2023 Taycan 4S

    Personally I don’t think the 19.2kw charger is worth the upgrade. Even if it’s twice as fast as the standard unit it’s too slow to be of much practical value (ie you’re not going to plug it in for an. I’d put that money towards something else. Agree with others that the tech package doesn’t...
  16. Spent some time w/ Lucid Air this morning… impressions

    With all due respect (and I have regarded you highly for years on Rennlist) the reason your Taycan didn’t sell better is because you went on many threads and crapped on the 2020 model as if they had major design flaws. Anyone that read your posts would assume that your car must have had a...
  17. Am i going to regret a RWD Taycan purchase?

    I drove both. The base car was slower when pushed than my 15 year old AMG. 4S was the least I could accept and so far have been very happy with it F6L
  18. Adding power charge port sensor to non-power door?

    Hand crank windows will only be available as part of the Weissach package on the GTaycan. Otherwise I would definitely go for them. Maybe a hand crank charger wouldn’t be so bad either .. :)
  19. Adding power charge port sensor to non-power door?

    Yup. Porsche and doors/sunroofs/windows always seem to end in disaster. Plus the charging doors are quite important for the operation of the vehicle (unlike a sunroof or window) F6L
  20. Adding power charge port sensor to non-power door?

    I am floored that anyone thinks a cheap black plastic sensor adds something to the sensuous lines of the Taycan. I think the sensor is literally the most unattractive part of the car (when equipped). The power doors will surely be a nightmare as the car ages. We’re talking about a company...