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  1. Mr.Smith

    Extra glossy combo

    There is a magical mix that I'm using for extra gloss and prevents dust. 2oz of P&S Dream Maker mixed with 14oz P&S Bead Maker Bead Maker alone collects a lot of dust and dirt on the first drive. The Dream Maker is the key to prevent the dust. I'm loving the results
  2. Mr.Smith

    Rimac Nevera sets EV speed record

    Blistering performance and a top speed of 258mph. Eventually this will be a Bugatti, with Porsche and the rest of the VW family that will benefit from this R&D
  3. Mr.Smith

    E-Tron GT owners manual

    Here is the owner manual for the MY2022 E-Tron GT in PDF
  4. Mr.Smith

    McMurtry Spéirling

    Good lord this such a hot car. The entire philosophy, design, technology is awesome. We've all seen it crush the Goodwood hill climb. Here is a long, informative video on the McMurtry Spéirling and the driver
  5. Mr.Smith

    BMW i7

    Not the same category of car as Taycan, but really neat features and a tech. I see it as the one level under the RR Ghost. The rear seating is beautiful
  6. Mr.Smith

    Audi's Next R8 Will Be an EV Called Rnext

    I'm pretty sure it will share the same platform as the 718 EV I love the release timeline Audi's Next R8 Will Be Called Rnext
  7. Mr.Smith

    Taycan Q3 2022 Sales Stats Figures

    1325 Taycans delivered in Q3 2022. I feel bad for those waiting forever on their car that keep hearing excuses on the delays Source: Porsche Press Release: Porsche reports Q3 2022 U.S. retail sales 10/03/2022 Deliveries to customers in first nine months total...
  8. Mr.Smith

    Porsche IPO very soon

    Would you invest in Porsche as a public company? Will the brand be diluted? IMO Ferrari going public diluted the brand. VW confirms plan to list Porsche sports-car brand
  9. Mr.Smith

    Initial RS E-Tron GT impressions

    Here are my initial impressions of the RS E-tron GT. Before getting my car I had a lot more time with the Taycan Turbo & 4S The car is low, wide and gorgeous in person. Pictures don't do it justice - Nogaro Blue exceeded my expectations - Paint quality and painting process are superb. The...
  10. Mr.Smith

    E-Tron GT interior PPF

    I got some protection for the interior of the E-Tron GT Some vulnerable points that are also shared with the Taycan Ingress and egress on the J1 platform are not easy. Protecting the door sills with PPF is a must. The rocker panel extends out to where you will step on it when exiting. That...
  11. Mr.Smith

    BMW I4 M50 test drive

    Drove the BMW i4 M50. What Fun & exhilarating experience. So much torque that it was hard to keep traction on launch & while driving. It makes a rumbling/growling noise on launch control. It comes alive over 70mph, definitely made for the Autobahn. Fun factor is off the charts. Its smaller...
  12. Mr.Smith

    Porsche 718 / 983 Boxster / Cayman EV Sports Car Announced For 2025 Launch

    Need this ASAP
  13. Mr.Smith

    Porsche IPO

    Is the Porsche IPO a good idea for the brand in the long term? IMO the Ferrari IPO diluted the brand. 12 years of 458 variants, every other week with special editions, now an SUV
  14. Mr.Smith

    Mission R and Taycans @ the LA Auto Show

    It's gorgeous in person. I really hope the exoskeleton CF roof comes to the street version. The car is the about the length of the 718 Extras Mamba CT
  15. Mr.Smith

    Porsche starts offering 3D-printed seats

    Not available for the Taycan, but it's nice to see Porsche offering even more options. 8% weight savings, custom fitted to your body, chose how firm you want it. Porsche starts offering 3D-printed seats
  16. Mr.Smith

    Audi Exclusive colors for the E-Tron GT

    Here is the Exclusive option list for the E-Tron GT and RS. Colors, stitching and leather options
  17. Mr.Smith

    How does (RAS) Rear Axle Steering work?

    Nice video on RAS, it's history, how it works Thank you @Pcarwhisperer
  18. Mr.Smith

    912 EV conversion

    Looks like tons of fun. A 2500 lbs Porsche 911 EV Tesla rear motor & batteries Adds additional 300lbs Around 125mi per charge
  19. Mr.Smith

    Two Speed EV transmission a good idea?

    Porsche has engineering roots in transmissions for performance and reliability/longevity, but is the two speed transmission a good idea for EVs? Some have been complaining about the shifting, not being in the right gear etc... Is this something that can be fixed with software updates or will...
  20. Mr.Smith

    Ride in the Pininafarina Battista

    It's basically a Rimac with a SF90 exterior