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  1. twporscheguy

    My experience adding ALK via FoD + driving impressions using ALK

    Does the car need to be built with a specific option in order to subscribe for ALK?
  2. twporscheguy

    Lucky timing - from order to spec., lock & delivery 11 weeks!!!! Taycan 4 Cross Turismo Christmas delivery 🎁

    Damnnn.. Nice! Question is.. How much adm did the dealer make you pay?
  3. twporscheguy

    So, is it acceptable or normal for dealerships to add $20k Premium?

    Update 10.19.2021 This is from Porsche NA _______________________ Update 10.14.21 -> 12:40PM Well quick update.. Guess I'm the idiot for not buying, because the car is either sold or they took off the listing to sell internally. :CWL::CWL: _______________________ Contacted a dealer yesterday...