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  1. FredC057

    Bad news, Another Taycan is Down

    Buy quickly a booster for your 12V battery. Mine started like you then was sent to the dealer on a flat bed. And since it came back I still had to use a a booster 3 times to start the 12V. Once the engine is on, the car will recharge itself and you can drive. I’m 1000km from my dealer for the...
  2. FredC057

    Contact details for Porsche Head office

    Can everybody check if they have access to my.porsche website?
  3. FredC057

    Contact details for Porsche Head office

    I just received the info that I couldn't log on my car as well. Yesterday I received a mail for a new Porsche connect invoice but no invoice and nothing new in the website an hour ago. Now no connection possible. They are changing something for the moment, let's hope it's solved ASAP
  4. FredC057

    Any thoughts/experiences with the Fiat 500e?

    Hi, My wife has the 500e Cabrio La Prima for a year now. Always shows 260km range when 100% whatever the weather and the way you drive it. There is no way to stop the charge at a certain %, it goes to 100% if you leave it plugged. It’s perfect for the town and I often drive it instead of the...
  5. FredC057

    Taycan CT 4S road trip - UK to French Alps - charging issues and advice

    Hi, The best is to use ABRP in advance to know and change the parameters to have more than 2 chargers where you will stop. Then use the car sat nav to go to those stops. (don't use ABRP sat nav, it's not precise enough) I'm also using Chargemap to verify that the station was used recently and...
  6. FredC057

    Tesla to open ~20% of U.S. Superchargers to all EV by end of 2024

    I did worse in Metz where the ionity was full of Tesla slow charging at more than 95% while the Tesla supercharger was empty. I had to park sideways and on top of parking stop to be sure the cable would reach. I was blocking 3 stations but was alone and ready to move in case somebody else...
  7. FredC057

    Software update? My Radio works properly now.

    Is your CarPlay still connected? Because if it’s not then it’s normal that it resumes. The problem is when CarPlay starts and it stops the current radio station.
  8. FredC057

    12v battery problems - again

    Here is the error I got When the assistance plugged their booster, they said that the 12V was still ok. Now that I’m reading this post. Is 12.7 enough for the battery ?
  9. FredC057

    12v battery problems - again

    Porsche has to review their software. I also had a 12V problem after just 4 days in a freezing cold underground parking at the airport. I still had enough power to open the car, the frunck…. but the car gave errors and couldn’t put it into drive. I didn’t know that just leaving the car on, the...
  10. FredC057

    Consensus on proper maintenance of the 12V battery while on vacation?

    Use a trickle charger and in any case, leave your frunck open in case of problems. I couldn’t restart the car after just 4 days at the airport in the freezing cold. Porsche said that something was draining the 12V but nothing was plugged except an iPhone cable without the phone in the usb-c. The...
  11. FredC057

    Heavy right foot club

    On a small distance it’s easy to have a big consumption. I have it on a longer one on highway And now the car is saying that I can’t reach a charger that is at 250km (155 miles) from here even at 100%. And I was not that fast for me, I usually do that trip in 7h with an ICE. With a roofbox...
  12. FredC057

    Fastest charge you've had?

    I got 269kW couple of times but never 270kW. When I road-trip in Europe I always go deep and precondition the car. If it’s Ionity, I’ll get more than 250 or there is a problem. In other stations it’s often way less.
  13. FredC057

    "Charging not possible" error

    Hi, I had the same issue 2 weeks ago. I also tested with multiple Evse and public charging but AC wasn’t working anymore. Finally I called Porsche assistance as the dealer couldn’t take me soon enough and they came with a replacement car. Now that it’s in the garage, they tested that DC will...
  14. FredC057

    Continued delivery delays

    Now, you can’t ask anything anymore because they knew those type of delays can happen and they should have warned you and not put a fixed date on the contract. For the people like me that ordered the car at the beginning and then some cars were half build and blocked in the plant while others...
  15. FredC057

    World Record…

    In Metz, there were in bay 6 that never work properly, they should have switched directly to another free station and get more than 250 easy
  16. FredC057

    Porsche Bike Rack (step by step picture of the installation)

    After my travels and test with and without the bike carrier, I can conclude that speed and bike carrier kills the range by around 15%. Before the trips, my range at 100% was 385 km The first trip of 2100 km just 2 in the car, I averaged 28.5 kWh/100km with an average of 115km/h. The second...
  17. FredC057

    Taycan Range Test With New Software Update

    I drove with the bike carrier and 2 bikes for 1000 km and now I’m driving fast on short trips with some friends. Now my range at 100% is showing 286km/177miles!! CT4S with 20’ summer tires So yes it really depends how you drive. At this rate, I won’t be able to drive to the next charger on my...
  18. FredC057

    Trailer Plug disables ACC

    I have the Porsche bike rack and the European plug. Acc and innodrive is working fine. I was afraid they wouldn’t when I started my travel but the message was PLC assist not active with trailer. What is not working is the lines on the back up camera when you reverse. Normal but i still can see...
  19. FredC057

    Plug and Charge - how does it work if you have several networks you signed up for, and the charger has agreements for several. Any suggestions ?

    There is only one network linked to your MyPorsche account and that’s the one the system will take. Same if you swipe your Porsche card. If you want to use Ionity, Maingau, Chargemap or others, you have to use the card or app.
  20. FredC057

    Longest waiting time from deposit to delivery

    If you count the waiting from the deposit, I was on the same boat. - Deposit on May 2019 on a CT4S even though it was not announced yet - Order finalised on March 2021 - Planned delivery date July 2021 and was part of the batch that was half produced - Delivered in January 2022 20 months...