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  1. gusone

    Wipers don't work...

    When the frunk is open. Only noticed when the frunk decided to pop while I was trying to clean the windscreen. Wondered why the wipers were not 🚫 working. Can't imagine that was a use case when developing.
  2. gusone

    [The Taycan is] The World's most expensive fridge

    Always helps to know a journo... Even if he is a massive knob
  3. gusone

    How attractive is the Taycan really to car thieves?

    Has anyone heard of a Taycan stolen? I just don't know what a thief would do with it. No moving parts. Strip it down and what? Put the parts in another Taycan? Rip the motors out and put in another... Err Taycan? I guess you could sell the calipers, seats and wheels. If they targeted a car 🚗...
  4. gusone

    Mercedes locks faster acceleration behind a yearly $1,200 subscription - The Verge

    Inevitable for Porsche? Mercedes is the latest manufacturer to lock auto features behind a subscription fee, with an upcoming “Acceleration Increase” add-on that lets drivers pay to access motor performance their vehicle is already capable of. The $1,200 yearly subscription improves...
  5. gusone

    Just Received Invite for 19.0.1 update

    All very posh. From Porsche UK and printed on Conqueror paper. Seems odd that the head office is writing rather than the dealer. But hey ho, not interested in silly colour icons but faster charging in the winter I very much am. Drive update no impact as already RWD.
  6. gusone

    Don't shut your door by the windows - may break the electronic window mechanism

    The guy who details my car just quit working for a Porsche dealer. He gave me a telling off when he detailed the car as he noticed a lot of fingers prints on the passenger's mainly but also driver windows. These as he correctly summised was because people are shutting the doors by pushing the...
  7. gusone

    Went on holiday - Battery report

    Left Satan's Chariot of Death on the street for 17 days. Battery drop was minimal over that period. Started with 97% on the 16th July. Today it is 94%. So don't worry about leaving it
  8. gusone

    Opened the boot and this fell off

    Picked up this bit of plastic and wondered where it had shot out from. Found where. Wedged back in but no firm click so it will spring out again. It also appears I have already lost one. If boot aesthetics are important to you, you might want to check yours and super glue where necessary.
  9. gusone

    Octopus add Porsche SC to Electric Juice (UK Taycaners)s

    My car is through Octopus 🐙 so I got an Electric Juice account automatically. Never used as it never supported Super Chargers in South East London. Checked today as Octopus have given me free miles on the EJ account. They have added Shell garages and Porsche Superchargers (must be a Porsche...
  10. gusone

    Main Instrument Panel Black Screen of Death

    Bah! Fired up Satan's Chariot of Death this morning only for the main instrument panel not to. Car 🚗 drives but without a Speedo it isn't very safe. So called the Porsche breakdown. Disconnected the 12v battery but that did nothing. So drove slowly to Porsche. Remains to be seen if it requires a...
  11. gusone

    Tesla’s UK charging network opens to all electric cars

    Tesla will open its vast network of superchargers to other makes of electric cars in a landmark move expected to increase the uptake of plug-in vehicles but prove unpopular with the brand’s customers. The American manufacturer has launched a pilot in the UK that will open 15 charging stations...
  12. gusone

    Awesome Custom Leather Tracker Fob Holder

    I recently signed up for the tracker as I don't want to wait 70 weeks if it gets nicked. The fob is annoying. So, as recommended elsewhere here I got a custom leather fob holder off those very distinguished Scottish leather experts Delighted. Went red...
  13. gusone

    21" Aero Blades Kerb Scraggs (Curb Rash) Repaired - it happened again!

    Using park assist it got confused and scragged the rear wheel in. The problem was I was wedged in with no room in front to get out so I had to scrag the front wheel to dig myself out. Obviously I cried as I didn't get Alloy insurance. However, I have been using a guy from Essex Smart Repairs to...
  14. gusone

    Black Taycan, Gold wheels.

    I was charging at my local Porsche and noticed this for sale. Reminded me of a previous poster who posted a picture of a Smokey and the bandit type livery. Love the gold Taycan. If you're a Brit you could be Burt.
  15. gusone

    Taycan Parking assist worst efforts

    I always use PA and it seems the smaller the gap the better the parking. It certainly gets into a smaller gap relative to the size of the car than my previous G20 BMW. Even when it does park it leaves a foot from the kerb which I am not complaining about since the alloys cost a small fortune...
  16. gusone

    Super Charging observations with a cold battery

    A parky 5*c battery in South East London. RWD 93kw battery At 22% so unable to pre heat A 15 min 60mph drive increased battery to 6% so a waste of time. Porsche 350kw supercharger. Charging rate at battery temperature 5*c 47kw. 26*c 95kw 32*c 150kw 35*c 66% charge decreases 103kw 39*c 80%...