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  1. Poshfpg

    Porsche Rear Seat Entertainment (PRSE) Information

    Crosslink being available soon in an update has been there since 2021 when they changed to this PRSE, heard that from my OPC They’re equally annoyed by it. it’s absolutely rubbish compared to the system in my previous 2010 model Cayenne. I’ve ranted elsewhere about it but in summary but the...
  2. Poshfpg

    Interest in a receiver hitch for ST, Sedan and CT?

    I would be interested in the tow hitch adapter as currently my ID3 is the only way to carry bikes and that can do 4 on my Thule. Are you planning to make it available in Europe? Only other question is whether you can get an extension cable for the lights? keep us posted please
  3. Poshfpg

    Taycan to Tromsø Road Trip – Winter 2023 (Arctic Norway)

    Given the fairly rapid build out of chargers do you think next time you will just need the 'normal' 11/22kw lead and free up the frunk? Similarly Winter tyres and 4WD should mean the chains are unnecessary as you won't be driving on much worse than you just did.
  4. Poshfpg

    Taycan to Tromsø Road Trip – Winter 2023 (Arctic Norway)

    I like that you have LA ahead of Dublin, positive start to the day, every day 😉 The long haul consumption stats and average temperature each day would be really useful too thanks. So handy having you do the hard yards on research for us all, much appreciated.
  5. Poshfpg

    Taycan CT 4S road trip - UK to French Alps - charging issues and advice

    Last week France had 1,850 Tesla chargers, plugs not sites, and 1,037 were open to all EVs so while it’s ‘only’ 150 it still adds a lot of charge in 20mins. It makes Tesla a very real option in France, assuming you have the 150kw upgrade. This was Albertville in December. It’s in a huge...
  6. Poshfpg

    Taycan CT 4S road trip - UK to French Alps - charging issues and advice

    Sorry to read this, I did exactly the same as you for Christmas 1 week after getting my CT4S and it was flawless charging. IONITY not working surprises me as we used it all the way there and back and it never missed a beat. We even went over to Italy for a few days. I had done a lot of prep...
  7. Poshfpg

    Rear Seat Entertainment

    I have them. Don’t order them. Get the prep for now and wait until Porsche sort out the data and cross link. Currently it only supports Netflix and their data package gives you 10 hours streaming (2x5 hours) per month with no option to top up or extend. So the screens go dead until the next...
  8. Poshfpg

    We are famous: "Porsche Taycan heater fix confirmed for owners left in the cold"

    Tend to agree with you, one of the great things about our i3, bought new in 2014, sold in 2021, was that it cost us almost nothing in 7 years bar insurance, 4 MOTs at £40 a time, no vehicle tax, no London Congestion Charge, one tyre c. £120 and servicing at BMW was free because there was never...
  9. Poshfpg

    Potential 4S owner...

    You could spec the Manoeuvre assist as part of the extra parking assist package. It's very proactive at keeping you away from kerbs. It basically beeps and flashes red on the screen if you're about to and will even nudge the steering wheel a bit. While I'm not a fan of being nannied by the...
  10. Poshfpg

    Taycan to Tromsø Road Trip – Winter 2023 (Arctic Norway)

    Great info thx. I presume this takes some time? Not at all, you could be in and out in a minute unless there’s a queue. They check the passport is up to date, worming tablet marked etc., then you scan the chip and they check it matches the passport. Once that’s done they give you a pet...
  11. Poshfpg

    Taycan to Tromsø Road Trip – Winter 2023 (Arctic Norway)

    About the pet passport: I am planning a short trip to the UK in July. If our dog has all vaccinations do I still need to do a special check of the passport? by the way any tips for a dog friendly 3 day EV trip in the UK. Kent? Assuming your dog has their EU pet passport then to go to the UK...
  12. Poshfpg

    UK - Porsche list of discounted charging networks?

    It does seem bizarre that the app/PCM doesn't show all the 350kw chargers on your route. Gridserve have Rugby and now at Reading 12 on each side of the M4 but they're not shown on the map. At Reading it just shows 2 at the OPC and they're both in use currently. No mention of 24 x 350kw 5kms...
  13. Poshfpg

    Taycan to Tromsø Road Trip – Winter 2023 (Arctic Norway)

    Chunnel is going to be very busy on the day we cross - booked out – so will depend on how much energy we use queuing. The Tesla chargers at the Chunnel are a nice option if you have to wait for a train, pulled 145kw there in December while processing the dog's pet passport with no...
  14. Poshfpg

    Switched to Winter Wheels and Reset TPMS

    Same question as above, do you know if the wheels will fit in the car with the seats down? Have you tried? Don't want to get to the OPC and discover they don't! Thanks
  15. Poshfpg

    Switched to Winter Wheels and Reset TPMS

    Did you bring the wheels in the car? I was hoping to collect my Summers (20") from the OPC to get them coated but they're not sure if they'll fit in the CT. I would have thought with the seats down they should.
  16. Poshfpg

    Taycan Owners and Very Narrow Lanes

    I wouldn't be worried, my CT4S has fit everywhere it's needed to so far in almost 2 months, some awfully tight underground car parks, central London streets, width restrictors, narrow lanes and so on. I have RAS and the full surround view which definitely helps but it doesn't feel any wider...
  17. Poshfpg

    RSymons' Taycan Roadtrip to Scotland

    I think it might be in the app, I did see it somewhere since I got the car. Interesting to see this trip and the difficulties charging, it did reinforce my view that it's far easier, from London, to drive an EV to the South of France than it is to try and get to Scotland! The really important...
  18. Poshfpg

    Surrey to Chester charging recommendations

    Too many ands sorry 🤦‍♂️
  19. Poshfpg

    Surrey to Chester charging recommendations

    I would see what the PCM says and also use ABRP which I’ve found excellent and uses topography and weather and time of year.
  20. Poshfpg

    UK order status and delays?

    He may have had a point, all my Tesla charger usage was in France. In fact if you’re driving back to Calais there is too big a gap from IONITY Champfleury in Reims to the Eurotunnel, in Winter anyway. There are 2 IONITY sites Calais-Reims but none Reims-Calais (280kms) or any other chargers...