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  1. Hirschaj

    Dirty work with a Cross Turismo

    It's spring in Texas and I've been hauling plants around in the back of my CT4. I love that I can load up the back and bring home whatever I need to.
  2. Hirschaj

    Some video of another Taycan from my drive to work this morning...

    It was fun to drive along with this Gentian Blue Taycan for a few minutes this morning on my way into the office. Hopefully the owner gets to see this video. Also, if you're still waiting for your Taycan to get delivered hopefully you enjoy watching this...
  3. Hirschaj

    If you buy a Taycan, be prepared for a lot of this...

    This happens to me all the time. Video is best viewed on a larger screen.
  4. Hirschaj

    My experience adding ALK via FoD + driving impressions using ALK

    TL;DR - great experience except for the website portion. This morning I decided to try out ALK. My car was plugged in at home when I started the process. I tried to add ALK monthly subscription via website on my phone browser but it was giving an error that it could not be added to my shopping...
  5. Hirschaj

    PSA: 14% off coupon code available for FoD lifetime purchases

    I was on the Porsche website this morning adding ALK to my car and I was presented a 14% off FoD lifetime purchase coupon code. The code (LOVE14) is good until Feb 20. If you were planning to get something via FoD lifetime this is a pretty good discount.
  6. Hirschaj

    It's not just Porsche...
  7. Hirschaj

    Generac releases an EVSE

    “The 48A / 11.5kW Generac EV charger is a Level 2 home charger capable of charging a car battery in as little as four to six hours, depending on the car battery's capacity and charge need. The unit's J1772 connector is out-of-the-box compatible with nearly all EVs on the market today, and a...
  8. Hirschaj

    TIL: Emergency Braking Function

    I was today years old when I learned… “In the event of failure of the conventional brakes, the vehicle can be decelerated significantly and brought to a stop using the electric parking brake.”
  9. Hirschaj

    List your favorite internet radio stations

    I've recently started to explore internet radio stations in the Taycan. One issue I'm bumping into is that many stations have very poor quality (low bitrate) streams. I thought it would be helpful for everyone here if we shared our favorite internet radio stations that also provide high quality...
  10. Hirschaj

    Need help understanding how to remove various trim panels.

    I need advice on how to remove some trim panels on my Cross Turismo so I can route the rear cam wire. I believe I need to loosen the headliner (at least in the back), Maybe need to detach A and B pillars. Definitely will need to remove the tailgate trim panel. If you have experience or advice on...
  11. Hirschaj

    Yet another "Porsche Software Sucks" example.

    Disclaimer - I love the car. I wish Porsche built software as good as they build cars. When "plug and charge" inevitably fails the next best option (to get that free charging session) is to use the My Porsche app, find the charging station, and initiate a charging session from within the app...
  12. Hirschaj

    FS: 2022 Taycan CT4 - Chalk

    My custom ordered Mamba Green CT4 has finally arrived at the dealership after waiting for over a year. So it's time for me to sell this Chalk CT4 ...
  13. Hirschaj

    Timers off by 1 hour since Daylight Saving Time shift.

    I couldn’t find any other references to this. My car has the uPdate and I’ve noticed that since the DST shift my timers are finishing 1 hour early. The car is showing the correct time but I had a timer set to complete at 7AM today and when I checked the MyPorsche app at 6:30 AM it showed...
  14. Hirschaj

    Squeaky passenger seat

    My car is in for service right now. The passenger seat squeaks when someone is sitting in it. Service department says they fixed it but I won’t get the car back until early next week due to other issues. I will report back on the outcome at that time. I know there are other threads that...
  15. Hirschaj

    Lectron V-BOX 40A EVSE

    My PMC+ is overheating causing charging errors on my Taycan so while I get that fixed by Porsche I decided to get a new EVSE. I wanted something basic that looked decent and would be reliable. After a lot of research I decided to take a risk on a fairly new EVSE from Lectron. I’ll check back in...
  16. Hirschaj

    Don’t park that ICE vehicle inside! “Until their vehicles are fixed, Ford says the SUVs are safe to drive but that they should still be parked outside and away from structures.”
  17. Hirschaj

    “Data export” setting in PCM?

    The other day I was looking through the settings in the PCM and I came across this “Data export” item. I can’t find any information about it in the manual or on this forum. Does anyone know what data this exports if you plug in a USB drive?
  18. Hirschaj

    Cars and Coffee at COTA

    Cars and Coffee was this morning at COTA. What a great event. I recognized a beautiful Mamba Green 4S with "800 VOLT" on the plates so I went up and introduced myself. @CAracer it was a pleasure speaking with you today. You have a beautiful car! Was anyone else out there from these forums?
  19. Hirschaj

    More charging stations coming to TX?

    I hope this really happens…...
  20. Hirschaj

    Warning about using range mode, in hot weather, after DC charging 150kW+

    I was reading the “charging” section of the manual and came across this interesting bit of information. It’s probably nothing major but I found it interesting and will try to remember this scenario and avoid it when possible. See screenshot for details.