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  1. fullmetalbaal

    ChargePoint charging troubles

    We have 18 ChargePoint charging stations at work. I've noticed that my car reliably connects to 6 of them, completely refuses to charge on 10 of them, and once a blue moon seems to accept the rest. Note that the chargers seem to work just fine, I've seen Teslas back in and charge from the very...
  2. fullmetalbaal

    Is Porsche starting to cheapen the interior?

    I've noticed a number of things in the Taycan that I feel were substantially better on the 911. The leather interior seems very optimized to save even the last half inch of leather: there's no leather on the outside of the right driver's seat bolster (and mirrored on the other side), there's no...
  3. fullmetalbaal

    Cinturato P7 Blue in colder weather?

    I've been trying to figure out whether to get a dedicated winter wheel set. In the PNW, we're essentially talking colder temperatures and rain (except for driving into the mountains, which we do with a different car; and the odd snow day that stops everything anyway). Does anybody have any...
  4. fullmetalbaal

    Finally found a good booster seat for the Taycan: Diono Solana 2

    If you don't have any kids - this will bore you to tears - you're going to want to skip this thread ? I sometimes ferry the kids to and from school, and so I've been looking for a booster seat that fits. I've bought and returned quite a few, because despite what they say they end up being too...
  5. fullmetalbaal

    Taycan possibly no longer eligible for tax rebate under new proposal? The headline is all about the disadvantage Tesla has (due to being non-Union, what a bullshit way to dish out rebates...) But the relevant part for all of us: they propose limiting the car value too...
  6. fullmetalbaal

    Confirming/identifying Teslatap mini amperage

    Does anybody know whether there's a way to confirm max amperage for a Teslatap mini that you have in hand?
  7. fullmetalbaal

    Payment declined error at Electrify America

    I picked up my Taycan a few weeks ago and it's been a bumpy start to say the least :confused: One of the most annoying parts is that I don't seem to get EA charging to work. I have Plug& Charge enabled on the car, I have a CC registered on myPorsche, and I have Charging NA installed and...
  8. fullmetalbaal

    Trade in 911 or sell separately?

    Those of you who've recently picked up a Taycan and either traded in or sold another Porsche in the transition... hoping to pick your brains :) I'm hoping to get ideas and data points regarding two questions: 1) How close to KBB trade-in or private party have you been getting? 2) Would you...
  9. fullmetalbaal

    Charging NA app accuracy

    How accurate are folks finding the details from the Charging NA app? Is the station count/speed/status usually correct? There's small things that make me think data might be a bit flaky. Just one example: the "last session" data and other usage data . For stations here in the PNW it's showing...