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  1. Tomato

    All Taycan deliveries being held at port due to needing new heaters

    @whitex @Payton48 @TXSchnee @minstril @NuJerzPorsche For those that recently took delivery on Dec 22 - Mar 23 without a stop sale order, how long did your car wait at Emden Port before getting on a ship? Mine was there for over 2 weeks with 3 cargo ships came and gone during that time...
  2. Tomato

    Baggy leather - is this normal?

    I think this happens when you stretch the leather by twisting your butt against the seat to rotate while entering and exiting. Happens in my I-Pace too until I stopped doing that. Or could be my boney butt putting too much concentrated pressure on the seat.
  3. Tomato

    Cross Country in a Cross Turismo

    How did the front bumper hold up on this trip? Any chips? Thinking about PPF too but still undecided. I just want to drive and not care about these little things but then I also like to keep things in good condition. Still in the honeymoon phase, maybe, this feeling will wear off soon and won't...
  4. Tomato

    Passenger side mirror not lowering with reverse selected.

    Workaround to have both mirrors go down is to save seat and mirror settings to profile 1 & 3. Then change the two mirrors to the right viewing angle for reversing and save it to 3. Now when I reverse, I just press and hold profile 3 on the door and both driver and passenger mirrors will go down...
  5. Tomato

    February 2023 deliveries

    My build is pretty bare. Standard interior with just premium package, ACC and 21" CT design wheels. Unfortunately I got hit with the Bose and electric steering column shortage. I only have the standard audio which is terrible for anything but talk radio. It's passable for music but not very...
  6. Tomato

    Rear View Mirror 4K + 1080p Dash Cam Option for CT4

    Got my car this weekend. Feel very uneasy driving without a dash cam so it's always the first thing I put in all my cars. Been using this rear view mirror type for my last 3 cars as they all have poor rear visibility. This gives clear an unobstructed view behind the car and can auto lower the...
  7. Tomato

    February 2023 deliveries

    Finally got my Gentian Blue this Saturday. Delivery was technically on January 27 but had to wait a bit to get it transported from across the country. Here's the timeline: 11/8/22 Freeze Date 11/22/22 Scheduled for Production 12/8/22 Start Production 12/14/22 Production Completed 12/14/22 Ready...
  8. Tomato

    2023 Taycan $7500 Tax Credit with Lease vs No tax Credit purchase.

    Does your calculation of being ahead factor in the sales tax in addition to the payoff?
  9. Tomato

    2023 Taycan $7500 Tax Credit with Lease vs No tax Credit purchase.

    @whitex @Payton48 well now, I stand corrected. I didn't end my lease so soon but usually a year left on it. So the unearned interest wasn't much compare to a month or two into the lease. @Payton48 Did your payoff include sales tax?
  10. Tomato

    February 2023 deliveries

    Black costs more? Mine came standard in black but I'd rather have red!
  11. Tomato

    Can't Come Quickly Enough - Porsche Partners with ABB Charging

    Most of the robots on Taycan assembly line are also made by ABB.
  12. Tomato

    January 2023 Deliveries

    Mine was showing on vessel in TYD toward Jacksonville after it's supposed to be unloaded in Baltimore last week. Two days later it changed to Port Processing. Dealers confirmed on Friday that's it's already en route to them but TYD still showing Port Processing as of Friday. I'm pretty sure...
  13. Tomato

    January 2023 Deliveries

    SIEM CICERO is underway to Baltimore ETA Jan 17.
  14. Tomato

    Price cuts?

    Not saying that Tesla is a premium brand even if their cars can cost over $100k+ as an owner of a Model S with FSD(Fake Self Driving) but I don't think any premium brands will ever publicly offer a price reduction like what Tesla just did. It will always be behind the scene through dealer...
  15. Tomato

    2023 Taycan $7500 Tax Credit with Lease vs No tax Credit purchase.

    That lease $7500 is good news if you're already decided to lease. But if you're still deciding whether to lease or purchase, don't let that be the deciding factor. Even if Porsche passes the entire $7500 to the consumer, you won't come out ahead because Porsche lease money factor rate is...
  16. Tomato

    7500 Tax Credit?

    As @jfn12587 mentioned, you wouldn't be claiming this credit for 2022 filing if you haven't received the car in 2022. Unless there's a new bulletin in 2023 before the tax filing deadline (4/18/23) addressing this; for 2022 tax filing, IRS will use the in 12/31/22 as the last in service date for...
  17. Tomato

    [PSA for North America] - 1st Priority - home charging setup - demand and specify Hubbell commercial socket receptacle

    How much energy is also wasted each time the PMCC is used for hours each day. Must not be a trivial amount of energy to heat plastic beyond its melting point.
  18. Tomato

    7500 Tax Credit?

    Typical for them to just pass a bill with ambiguities and let the taxpayers figure it out. The IRS is probably confused too. Don't be surprised if they deny/approve your Form 8936 anyway and you'll end up going back and forth with them on it. Back when the old law was passed, many filers got...