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  1. Porsche Says One-Pedal Driving In EVs Isn't Efficient

    They're right. Recuperation isn't 100% efficient. There are mechanical and electrical losses. Probably only 80% efficient if you're lucky.
  2. Taycan Artificial Exhaust Sound Option Worth Adding?

    No. Use the money saved on something you'll actually use.
  3. Is Bad Service a Feature of The Porsche Experience?

    Herb Chambers dealerships are notorious for bad service. Great for sales as you'll usually get the best price but they're all about volume and after-sale service is poor. Unfortunately there's not a lot of options in MA. Herb Chambers controls that area with shops in Burlington and Boston...
  4. Heater issues anyone?

    Because it's a defect that warrants a recall. Porsche should replace ALL the heaters as a recall campaign. That would be the right, although much more expensive, thing to do.
  5. Heater broken. My turn.

    This unquestionably should be a recall. There is obviously a defect in the heaters. I encourage everyone who has had their heater fail to register a complaint with the NHTSA.
  6. Heater broken. My turn.

    I think it's simply because it's cold. These auxiliary heaters are only used when it's fairly cold. Therefore they will fail in the winter.
  7. Frozen washer fluid

    Cheap fluid.
  8. Recuperation / Regen how many miles until it starts working?

    Mine took nearly 4000 miles. Probably because I'm very gentle with brakes.
  9. Is Porsche in a World of Hurt With EV Production?

    The question is are sales down because of reduced demand or due to lack of inventory? Probably the latter. Supply chain crisis hits cars like the Taycan more than other cars in their lineup due to the heavy reliance of EVs on semiconductors.
  10. Porsche Connect Store - FoD 15% Black Friday Sale until December 4

    Code wouldn't work for me. Had a chat with support and they just shrugged and said "try again tomorrow". Tried again the next day and still wouldn't work, nor would it work the day after that. Gave up and paid full price. Cynic in me says the "error" was intentional.
  11. Baseline for HV Battery SoH Performance

    New England. Yeah, my SoH is fairly poor. Not happy about that. My range decreased rather drastically almost overnight a couple months ago. I was getting about 218 miles of range on an 80% charge and then suddenly it plummeted to around 195 and has been that way since. I baby this car too...
  12. Baseline for HV Battery SoH Performance

    1) unknown 2) 88.3% 3) 11000 miles 4) 0 kWh 5) Nov 2020
  13. Baseline for HV Battery SoH Performance

    Got it working. Had to update firmware.
  14. Baseline for HV Battery SoH Performance

    What app are you using with the vLinker? I downloaded Car Scanner but it's not working.
  15. Baseline for HV Battery SoH Performance

    Shoulda bought that. Got a Bluedriver because of the rave reviews. Turns out it is not compatible with the Taycan.
  16. Baseline for HV Battery SoH Performance

    What is the recommend OBDII to perform these measurements? Thanks.
  17. Homelink Always Pops Up on Start Now

    After the uPdate the Homelink pop-up appears whenever I start the car, regardless of my location. Doesn't seem right.
  18. New PCM update and it’s ugly android style buttons.

    I have mixed feeling about the new colored icons. The old ones were a bit bland. The new ones are bit cartoonish. In general I don't like flat design but that's all the rage these days so what do I know. Personally I like neumorphic design better than flat for things like this.
  19. Latest Taycan Software Update Findings and Reviews Thread

    My experience for those who are interested: 1. Took over a week. Tech couldn't get the software to load. After five days he finally reached out to Porsche who instructed him to format a new USB drive and reload the image on that. That worked. 2. Lost everything. Login, favorites, Homelink...
  20. Taycan feels faster in the passenger seat

    That's true of any car IME.