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  1. ithinkmac

    Just installed Ring dash cam over the weekend. Anybody using one?

    Sorry, was offline for a few days. this thread is no longer worthless. -H
  2. ithinkmac

    BMW i4 M50

    I only have EVs now, the Porsche is the daily driver. I drive my Percy everywhere. 31k miles, had it for 13 months. 2nd set of tires already. Launch it when I get the opportunity. Canyon carving almost every weekend. daily commute in Bay Area traffic. Have to wash it almost every week...
  3. ithinkmac

    Just installed Ring dash cam over the weekend. Anybody using one?

    So far, I like it. Keeps my ChronoSport compass company. :) I backed dRIDE4k on kickstarter, but now being a year late. I gave up on it. Bought Ring Dashcam when Amazon started selling them earlier this year. Install was super easy. ODBII Port for power. Mounting was super easy. some...
  4. ithinkmac

    New to the forum: Hello!

    Nice cars!! How did you like the Karma? I like the styling, but felt they missed the boat by going plug-in, instead of full BEV. There's no way to link the key fob to driver profiles/memory settings. You just have to hit the memory recall button for your adjustments every time you get in...
  5. ithinkmac

    Do you guys pay markup or MSRP for your Taycan?

    Porsche Marin in the Bay Area. MSRP. They didn't even take a deposit. I fax over signed agreement. Paid when I went to pick up the car. -ThinkMac-
  6. ithinkmac

    Real world range

    I have a '22 CT 4S, with the 21" Cross Turismo Design wheels. Full charge says 230, I never tested to the full drain. But I do road trips to SoCal quite a bit. My first stop is 180 miles away, and usually it's between 45-50 miles left on the battery. That's my most direct use case for...
  7. ithinkmac

    Porsche Rear Seat Entertainment (PRSE) Information

    Most important question. How much did the whole thing cost? Did the dealer charge for coding? Have 2 screens in the back, opportunist might think iPad and break window to grab one. Can you unlock and take or hide it easily? -ThinkMac-
  8. ithinkmac

    Report: Charging my Taycan at Tesla Supercharger with new CCS compatible magic dock

    150kW is no brainer, glad I spec it when ordering. Bought it with the understanding that Tesla will open up their Supercharging network. Don't knock the Supercharging network, it works. I'm just hoping they'll open up more than 10%. -ThinkMac-
  9. ithinkmac

    GENTIAN BLUE Taycan Club

    It's red in the US (or maybe North America). EU and ROW gets clear side markets, yellow tail lights. we can get the clear side markers here, but as far as I can tell from initial search, we can't get yellow tail lights. Dealer wouldn't (or couldn't) order them for me. -ThinkMac-
  10. ithinkmac

    GENTIAN BLUE Taycan Club

    I want EU tail lights. Love the yellow. -ThinkMac-
  11. ithinkmac

    Will you test drive the Mercedes EQS?

    I really wanted the EQS SUV for this tax year. 179 write-off. BUT, the local dealers want $25k - $50k markup. the higher the trim, the higher the mark up. One dealer was able to do MSRP, but no delivery in 2022 unless I paid markup. Argh. Endup with a X Plaid due to end of quarter end...
  12. ithinkmac

    Introducing.... CHALKLT

    Wait, was there a RWD Cross Turismo? Did some config changed recently? I wasn't sure, don't follow model years changes since I got mine. :) -ThinkMac-
  13. ithinkmac

    California Carpool stickers

    Sorry, you were right. It was $277.50 including tax. Just checked. -ThinkMac-
  14. ithinkmac

    most underrated option for taycan to tick?

    for the small price to pay, and have the 400V option, it's an underrated option. Tesla will open up, matter of time. The Supercharger network (even at 400V will be more reliable and in more places) will add loads of options for roadtripping and I would choose a Supercharger location vs the...
  15. ithinkmac

    most underrated option for taycan to tick?

    400v option. Will have tremendous value once Tesla opens up their Supercharge network. -ThinkMac-
  16. ithinkmac

    Road-trip planning: Taycan vs. Tesla

    Just came back from a trip. At a EA site. there was only 2 350kW chargers, one was open and actively being worked on by a tech. The only 350kW left, was occupied by a KONA! a 50kW KONA! with a couple of 150kW working. Argh. Then I look down the aisle and across the parking to the 50 Tesla...
  17. ithinkmac

    Thoughts on these wheels and seat for Taycan CT4s ?

    Go with the 21" wheels. they look great. -ThinkMac-
  18. ithinkmac

    Replaced road damaged plastic on underside of CT

    Gives me hope for underbody work with no lift. :) which jack pads are you using? You said custom, did you do some mod on them before using? -ThinkMac-
  19. ithinkmac

    EA - charging plug stuck to car - compilation of forum tips

    I ran into something similar a couple of times, with the door unlocked. I end up releasing the plug by hitting the unlock button on the key fob. Weird. wife was sitting in car, car was running, I got out, and stopped charging, would not release. Till I press unlock button on key fob...
  20. ithinkmac

    Settings for Road Trips (other than default Range Mode)?

    At least with my experience with Waze. It takes your HOV stickers and any toll passes into consideration. In CA, we can use HOV lanes during commute hours and Waze will calculate this into the trip. I always noticed Waze is more accurate in this sense, and the live updates on Waze are updated...