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  1. cityhpper

    Taycan to Tromsø Road Trip – Winter 2023 (Arctic Norway)

    Seems pretty safe to nominate @tigerbalm and his co-driver in the category "Europeean Taycan Road Warrior of The Year"... Thanks for taking us along! Any measurable reduction in tire tread depth after your trip? I mean, since you obviously pushed it a bit both on the Autobahn and such? Also...
  2. cityhpper

    Cross Country in a Cross Turismo

    Many thanks for the feedback, also to @WasserGKuehlt and his reflections. I actually reached out to Continental last year and asked if it was possible to buy a set of their all-seasons (the DWS 06Plus) for my Model S Raven, but they said this tyre was not allowed to sell in Europe. Strange, and...
  3. cityhpper

    Cross Country in a Cross Turismo

    Congratulations on the new car, looks beautiful and indeed a proper mile-muncher! Great write-up as well, fantastic landscapes and nice pictures. Seems you passed through all four seasons on your trip, quite an experience I guess... In retrospect, do you think it would be doable on the...
  4. cityhpper

    Odd frunk contents?!?

    Three trays of chilled beer.
  5. cityhpper

    What is "Risk Radar - Hazard Warning" ?

    Yes, I also believe this is the source of the warnings. Makes sense. Any more knowledge on the actual algoritms behind this function, @W1NGE?
  6. cityhpper

    What is "Risk Radar - Hazard Warning" ?

    An old topic perhaps, but still: on several occations this winter, the PCM has provided warnings about slippery conditions along my route. Warnings have been perhaps a kilometer or so away from my current location, as the car (naturally) expects me to stay on my current route. All in all a...
  7. cityhpper

    Issue with Altimeter showing too high?

    Altitude readings seem quite accurate. I expect the car to have more data sources than map information and GNSS alone, as it also reports acurately negative hights - like when driving in tunnels hundreds of meters below sea level.
  8. cityhpper

    Taycan to Tromsø Road Trip – Winter 2023 (Arctic Norway)

    Excellent report! Out of curiosity, I have one question that relates to the car itself: how would you compare the Turbo S to the 4S, when travelling roads like these? What are the major differences? Re the number of tunnels: well, we usually don't build them just for fun... :) Often, there...
  9. cityhpper

    Taycan to Tromsø Road Trip – Winter 2023 (Arctic Norway)

    Welcome to Norway @tigerbalm! Excellent choice doing the Road 44 from Flekkefjord and northbound, against the Stavanger district. Great pictures, as always :like: Best of luck with the next stretch, and do remember the average-speed zones in the tunnels for tomorrow...
  10. cityhpper

    Porsche Platz 1 Zuffenhausen Trip Journal

    Nice write-up, many thanks!
  11. cityhpper

    Switched to Winter Wheels and Reset TPMS

    The 20"s will fit in the CT, with the rear seats down. No problem there.
  12. cityhpper

    Tires: All Season/Winter vs. Summer/Winter

    Very interesting post, but I don't think you have fully captured all the factors that make a tire resistant to hydroplaning. So, just to be clear: is it your opinion that winter tires are better suited to avoid hydroplaning than dedicated summer tires? Based on the sipes in the tread blocks?
  13. cityhpper

    Gearbox: totally unnecessary.

    Well, I do like the gearbox in the Taycan. I don't expect that it is that heavy either, compared to other options available for these cars. Would be interesting if someone knew the actual mass of it. My two latest cars prior to the Taycan was a Model S Raven, and a BMW M550d xDrive with some...
  14. cityhpper

    Thinking of upgrading the 4S to a Turbo or Turbo S

    Great choice, the west coast of Norway is beautiful also in winter time. Lots' of charging possibilities as well. From Molde, I would suggest to head for the small village of Bud, and then follow the coast (roads 6060 and 663, then onto 64) until you enter the Atlantic Road. The road is even...
  15. cityhpper

    Thinking of upgrading the 4S to a Turbo or Turbo S

    Looks good, @tigerbalm ! I bought a (second hand) set of these rims myself some weeks ago, but still waiting for the tires to arrive at my lokal tyre dealer. Will do some testing over the next weeks between these and the current 19'' I'm using. When do you plan to start your northbound...
  16. cityhpper

    EV Tires -- Everything you need to know by Engineering Explained

    That's impressive, @TYKHAAAN - did you pay strict attention to the recommended tire pressure to achieve this, or did you deviate by adding a bit more air? Some of the local Taycan owners go with somewhat higher than recommended pressure and still claim to get excellent milage and lower...
  17. cityhpper

    Thinking of upgrading the 4S to a Turbo or Turbo S

    Welcome back, already looking forward to read your upcoming trip report!
  18. cityhpper

    Thinking of upgrading the 4S to a Turbo or Turbo S

    Congratulations, truly a beautiful car! Should be no slough on winter roads, neither...🤘
  19. cityhpper

    South of UK - Winter wheels thoughts

    I trust you are well aware that the Eagle's are a high performance summer tire, right? I would be very cautious of using such tires when temps are below 6-8 degrees C.
  20. cityhpper

    From Audi RS e-tron GT to Taycan GTS ST

    Congratulations, great choice and a beautiful GTS. Seems we're shopping at the same dealer... :)