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  1. Rab88

    Taycan Brakes fail in wet conditions - NHTSA complaint March 2, 2023

    My head is hurting reading this complaint. Was it written by a child? Why is a child driving a Taycan?
  2. Rab88

    Best road trip / route planners

    Honestly, best figure it out and calculate it yourself as the Porsche nav is awful for planning charges and estimating the SOC when reaching a destination. The fact it cannot actually update the SOC estimate when you're already lower than the predicted SOC % says it all. It's junk.
  3. Rab88

    New EV Lotus Eletre

    Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious
  4. Rab88

    EV Charger - Simpson v Anderson

    In my experience, best stick with the known, mainstream manufacturers. When it comes to apps, their backend (servers, programming, fixes etc), customer service when things go wrong, you'll regret going with the lesser knowns. As an example I lost my engineer code for my EV BOX Charing point...
  5. Rab88

    This car is getting great reviews. Will it take Taycan market share?

    If it was in the same price range it'll be a contender. Not at £200k+ unless you want to part with that sort of cash. But let's be honest, if you want a Maserati at that price, you'll buy an MC20.
  6. Rab88

    Sport Sound Owners - Do You Use It Most of the Time?

    It's fake, and I feel like a show-off if it have it on, if I'm being honest. Don't expect many to agree with that but just my thoughts. Different case if it were a natural sound not being amplified.
  7. Rab88

    To open, let go of the door handle

    Mine was in for a half day for diagnosis and another half day for replacing the faulty part.
  8. Rab88

    To open, let go of the door handle

    Is your door opening electronically from the inside or are you having to use the manual override? I had this message... The rear left door wouldn't open unless I used the manual override and the locking mechanism had to be changed by the dealer.
  9. Rab88

    What model to chose?

    I was the same as you. I actually really liked the e-tron GT. In the end it came down to the fact one is a Porsche and the other isn't.
  10. Rab88

    Compensation for delays?

    It's a seller's market when it comes to buying a Porsche. Don't expect any compensation because if you're not happy, there's another 100 guys behind you in the line waiting on one. That said, if you ask for a freebie or discount, the worst they can do is say no.
  11. Rab88

    GTS Race-Tex Interior protection (fabric spray) ?

    I've had Alcantara in my daily cars for years (now have it in my GTS). I'm of the opinion it doesn't need protection. And after 5 years it'll look better than leather. All you need with Alcantara is a damp microfibre cloth and it looks brand new. If you do happen to get a stubborn stain then...
  12. Rab88

    Google, Porsche in talks over Google Apps access🤓

    Volvo and Polestar have been doing it for a few years now. Google have a lot to learn when it comes to in-car systems, going by the current Volvo models ... They dumbed down the existing sensus system which annoyed a lot of loyal Volvo owners.
  13. Rab88

    AC charging

    Not on a 3 phase supply, he would get up to 11kW. On 3 phase it isn't a simple P=IV. 400v at 16a 3 phase supply will provide 11kW. Hence why you'll get 22kW on a 32a 3 phase supply. If the cable used was a 16a 3 phase cable, he'll get 11kW.
  14. Rab88

    AC charging

    He hasn't stated whether he has the 22Kw onboard charger or not. He stated he's getting 11kW max from his work 3-phase charging point. I'm merely pointing out there is are scenarios where he can have the 22kW on board charger, a 3-phase supply, and it only pulls 11kW. And the scenarios are the...
  15. Rab88

    AC charging

    You said the "cable isn't at play here". If the OP has the 22kW onboard charger, a three phase supply, and a cable only capable of 11kW, then there is a situation where he will only get 11kW. It's the exact same scenario I have encountered. So it's not true to state that the cable isn't at play...
  16. Rab88

    AC charging

    Not quite true. We've got an iPace cable in the work and If I use that my car charges at 11kW. Using my Posche cable I get the full 22kW. Both on the same 22kW 3Phase Schneider charger.
  17. Rab88

    AC charging

    Are you using the cable that came with your car?
  18. Rab88

    Saw many Taycans on my recent visit to the UK !?

    There's been 100,000 produced so far. About 10% of those are in the UK.
  19. Rab88

    Wheels make a jumping/creaking sensation

    It's the tyres skipping. Always worse in cold temps with summer tyres. Nothing to worry about.
  20. Rab88

    CHALK Taycan Club

    New to the forum.... My '22 GTS in Crayon