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  1. satchurator

    Burmester or Bose if all I use is Spotify via CarPlay?

    @f1eng Recalling this thread, I've been watching out for Apple Music Classic being released and it's finally here:
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    Sport Sound Owners - Do You Use It Most of the Time?

    I'm default off but have Sport Sound connected to the option button on my steering wheel. I turn it on when I'm in the mood for it - spirited driving. I'm not sure if turning it on increases the exterior volume of the pedestrian warning audio, but sometimes I'll put it on with the hope that...
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    Tesla to open ~20% of U.S. Superchargers to all EV by end of 2024

    There were so many folks poo-pooing the 400V option. Now I'm glad I got it.
  4. satchurator

    Cross Country in a Cross Turismo

    Thanks for the great road trip write up @whitex , and congratulations on the new TCT. What driver assistance options does your configuration have, and were they helpful on this long trip?
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    [US] - Home Charging Recommendation - this is as simple as I can make it…honestly - bare bones least amount of text…

    I forget if it was speculation here in the forum or attached reasoning in a different communication from Porsche, but doesn't it have to do with the variability in owners' home wiring e.g. 30+ year old cabling and outlets, outlets on shared circuits, things generally not being well suited to...
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    Theft alarm = low 12v battery!

    Is your Taycan an MY21? I wonder is your car subject to the WNB4 (interior sensor replacement) recall? IIRC some people affected by that where experiencing LV battery issues as a side effect. If your car was in regular use, generally connected to the EVSE in your garage in the period leading up...
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    First picture of my Mamba Green Taycan Cross Turismo, finally

    Busy December for me - I'm late to the party to say congratulations @f1eng - hope the long wait was worthwhile!
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    Porsche Wall Charger Connect | Unbox & Install

    My PWCC works with my wife's new Audi Q4 etron, albeit with some issues. Audi's mobile chargers are made by the same company that makes the PMC+, PMCC and PWCC (Katek/eSystems). Not a guarantee of compatibility I suppose...
  9. satchurator

    Mobile Charger Connect

    Bat signal to @daveo4EV for correctness check!
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    Mobile Charger Connect

    Your 110v NEMA 5-15 cable should still work. The update reduces the default amperage to 50% as a safety precaution due to a design flaw in the NEMA 14-50 supply cable and the unit's inability to prevent overheating. You can still override the amperage back up to 100%. Not advisable on the 240V...
  11. satchurator

    Porsche Wall Charger Connect

    @daveo4EV IIRC you experienced a regression in your PMCC compatibility, i.e. you at one point we're able to charge another brand of vehicle but then a software update ended that. Yes? For those of us who have invested in a PWCC install, if there was a regression from previous broader...
  12. satchurator

    Porsche Wall Charger Connect

    This is disappointing to hear as a PWCC owner. I suppose it's possible that future software updates could improve compatibility. For what it's worth, I've been able to use my PWCC with my wife's new Audi Q4 e-tron. So perhaps there is some compatibility with VWAG brands. Not without issues -...
  13. satchurator

    So apparently, always charging to 100% is OK (?)

    It's really not a good idea to take a Sales Associate's technical suppositions as the definitive word and embrace it as overriding fact. Even if it's what you would prefer to believe. There's so much bad information quoted from SAs in this forum! Do you want to give the service department or...
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    Porsche Wall Charger Connect | Unbox & Install

    I don't have timing to share since I'm never charging from dead zero to 100% SOC. You could find a charging calculator to come up with some estimations for the sake of comparison. A simplified way to think about it: the PWCC hardwired at 80A / 19.2kW will be approximately twice as fast as a NEMA...
  15. satchurator

    Small Tear

    Better to find an auto leather repair expert. They know the tricks for automotive leather and upholstery. Ask your dealership if they have an upholstery/leather repair guy that they recommend. There are specialists that visit dealers to do repairs.
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    PEC ATL delivery then returning to CT via charging network too risky?

    It's a good thing that Electrify America are updating their signage to eliminate this confusion. Now we shall have: 'Ultrafast' and 'Hyperfast' in shades of bluish green and greenish blue. So our max-150kW colorblind EV novice friends will know exactly where to plug in. Sigh.
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    Tesla opens up their EV connector design to the world (North American Standard)

    I think we can only benefit from this. Tesla did not do this for altruistic reasons, it was an economic motive. All they need is a single auto maker other than Tesla to adopt the standard (or add it as a secondary port) and Tesla would then qualify for US infrastructure incentives. Even if it is...
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    PEC ATL delivery then returning to CT via charging network too risky?

    I'm not sure but IIRC, isn't it possible to do the PEC and then (with the car still in PCNA's hands) have the car transported to your dealer for final delivery? If you think you will enjoy the road trip, then go for it, but if you have doubts about delivery date and a first run journey playing...
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    Looking for an extended warranty. 20” Taycan turbo

    All fair points, and I'm biased from one experience where an EW would have helped. A few other things to consider: 1) As dealerships' revenue from service declines with the simplicity and reliability of EVs, I see the prospect of gouging when these larger repairs present opportunities to...
  20. satchurator

    Looking for an extended warranty. 20” Taycan turbo

    A good earlier thread on Extended Warranties: