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  1. MyA

    Greyed out preheat icon on myporsche app

    Cannot preheat the car as icon is now greyed out…. Any clues? Already tried to logout/in of the app, re-installed the app, did the 2 fingers pcm reboot Heather works. MyA
  2. MyA

    Squeaking cold brakes

    Upon start up in cold temperatures, first 2 or 3 brake applications generate a LOUD squeaking sound, and a few less noisy squeaks. It goes away right after. This started after the 2 year maintenance when they did some maintenance on the breaks. After taking it in 2 times for different issues...
  3. MyA

    Your SiriusXM subscription has been updated….

    I let my initial subscription fade away has the price hike was significant. But after many many many emails to get me back, I was given an interesting offer and went back. Ever since, this message keeps popping up whenever I start the car (does not seem to appear if SiriusXM was selected upon...
  4. MyA

    LOUD screeching noise front left wheel

    I was slowly driving in a residential neighborhood, looking for a parking slot on the street, when suddenly I hear this VERY LOUD screeching loud. The sound was changing in pitch and intensity with speed. Turning wheels did not do nothing….. Thinking it was from nearby construction where I...
  5. MyA

    12V battery is still an issue?!!

    When I picked up my car (4S MY2021), I was told that the 12v battery drainage was a thing of the past and that it has been taken care of via software update(s). I read numerous posts on past experiences and what to do if it ever happens and those instructions are also integrated in the « good...
  6. MyA

    Taycan Sim Card Location?

    Where is the SIM card located in the Taycan? I am now travelling in a remote region where cellular coverage is provided by Roger’s extended network here in Gaspésie, Québec, Canada. The onboard SIM card does not pick up that extended network signal and therefore all connected services are...
  7. MyA

    HUD gone….

    My MY2021 was working perfectly until I drove to a remote location with no cellular network. The only drawback was the unavailability of Apple Music and other connected features. Car was driving fine with maps working flawlessly. But all of a sudden, the car did not recognize me anymore and...
  8. MyA

    How often do you re-boot PCM?

    Once in a while, she wakes up and I get it that she's on having a bad day....the symptoms all show up: - Park assist will be not functional with the top view car icon being greyed out - Apple Music will not launch (not CarPlay but native) - Nav favourites are all gone, sometimes locations is...
  9. MyA

    Warning ESP error message

    All of a sudden, my 1 month old 2021 4S had a hiccup this morning. Was driving out of the garage then got a white message of the dashboard advising to drive slowly as Park Assist was not available…. So what? But then soon after, a quick brief red error message saying something about ESP (?)...
  10. MyA

    Battery preconditionning (heating or cooling)

    Newbie question: Is the preconditionning of the battery on the way by to a charging station (as determined in the navigation system) only applies if the charging point is Electrify America/Canada? On my way to a 50 kW station, as listed in the Nav system, it didn't seem to make any difference...