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  1. Homelink Always Pops Up on Start Now

    After the uPdate the Homelink pop-up appears whenever I start the car, regardless of my location. Doesn't seem right.
  2. PCM Lost its Marbles

    Yesterday the PCM went completely bonkers. Got in and the PCM said "Continue as Guest". Tried to switch accounts to my account and it was grayed out. So I continued as a guest because I didn't have time to futz with it. Tried to turn the audio volume up and it wouldn't go above '1'...
  3. Regenerative braking finally working

    Only took 3800 miles before the car considered the brakes "bedded enough". Granted I do a lot of highway driving and we live in a rural area so I'm not using the brakes much but it still seems like a lot. My electron mileage is considerably higher now. I was getting around 2.8 mi/kWh before...
  4. Software Update Confusion

    I'm a bit confused. I have a 2021 Turbo S. Received early February. I have not received a notification of a software update. Should I have? Last week I got into the car and something had changed. My settings had changed and when I started driving I felt the steering wheel tugging. I...
  5. Winter Storage and the 12V Battery. Trickle charger necessary?

    Do I need to use a trickle charger if I'm going to store the car for an extended period of time? if so, where do I connect the charger?