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  1. Taycan GTS Sport Turismo ST. My very first impressions

    I love the colour choice… although I may be biased!
  2. GTS Orders UK

    I think it looks great in Crayon too, especially in GTS form. I’m sure you’ll love it when it arrives.
  3. GTS Orders UK

    It’s got the GTS Racetex with Crayon stitching and seatbelts - it looks (and feels) awesome. Porsche Design clock is the cherry on top!
  4. GTS Orders UK

    No PTS, It’s Volcano Grey - I was worried I wouldn’t like it, as I’ve often defaulted to black cars, but I’m so pleased I didn’t this time. The contrast with the black GTS styling bits is better than I’d hoped for…
  5. GTS Orders UK

    New Car Day - it’s certainly worth the very long wait!
  6. GTS Orders UK

    Have you got it yet?!
  7. GTS Orders UK

    I’m not really sure. I was told I had a build slot on 27/05, went to Silverstone on 18/06, spec was locked from 27/07 and it went it to build 07/10, completing a week later on 14/10. I won’t believe it until I’ve actually got my hands on it, obviously. I hope you get an update soon.
  8. GTS Orders UK

    Great news, the guy I’m dealing with at Tonbridge (Aaron Thomas) has been brilliant with updates. The app is useless and the dealer has a lot more information, from my experience.
  9. GTS Orders UK

    Porsche Tonbridge confirmed yesterday 14/10 that my GTS ST is now built, and will be shipped from Emden to Sheerness over the course of the next week. No expected holdups for 12v batteries, so fingers crossed. Due to arrive at the Porsche centre w/c 24/10. I placed my order 17/11/21 MyPorsche...
  10. GTS Orders UK

    I’ve driven Taycans with and without RWS. The turning circle with RWS is much improved and definitely a benefit, however it’s the handling on twisty B roads that makes it a must-have option I my opinion. I’d untick a lot of other boxes before considering that one.
  11. GTS Orders UK

    Exciting to have collection next week! Having ordered on the same day as you did, it appears that ST has added 4-5 months to waiting time over saloon…
  12. GTS Orders UK

    I upgraded my order from 4S to GTS on launch day, 17th November.
  13. GTS Orders UK

    I’ve got a build slot! Porsche Tonbridge have had allocations for their first two customer orders for GTS ST, and thankfully I’m one of them. The freeze date for specification they given is 25th August, for delivery at some point in October. Opportunity for delays in the ensuing period, but...
  14. GTS Orders UK

    You can avoid BIK by selling the car, but what will you do instead?
  15. GTS Orders UK

    I ordered (GTS ST) on launch day (and paid deposit beforehand), and haven’t heard a thing. I’m visiting my Porsche centre on Saturday to discuss spec, but not holding out any hope of an allocation update…
  16. GTS Orders UK

    Great to hear of some orders trickling through. I ordered an ST on launch day (upgraded from an order I have placed in June for 4S) with Tonbridge. Waiting to hear of allocation, however it seems the ST’s are a bit behind the saloon.
  17. GTS Orders UK

    That’s great news, congratulations. This gives me hope that my car may actually arrive at some point! When did you place your order, and with with centre? Saloon or ST?
  18. Charging for Business (UK) + Solar

    Hi, I have a Taycan on order, and have a small business (many LTD co. benefits for an EV of course!). I’d like to install a 22KW charger on 3 phase, and also wonder about having solar panels installed. Although I don’t run a fleet of company vehicles, I have staff who may purchase EVs in the...