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  1. If you buy a Taycan, be prepared for a lot of this...

    Happens every time I drive it outside of my neighborhood. A Challenger pulled up beside me on the freeway to give me a thumbs up yesterday…guess Carmine Red really sticks out lol…
  2. Porsche Says One-Pedal Driving In EVs Isn't Efficient

    Agreed. Also, one pedal driving sucks. Test drove several Teslas before my Taycan and it was literally the worst thing ever. Hated it. Glad Porsche doesn’t do this.
  3. Anyone negotiated at Walnut Creek Porsche

    Nope. Went to Livermore initially and they said they’d give me 0 markup if I paid the deposit because I was a local customer. Thought about it, came back literally two weeks later and they’re like “yeah, we’re not doing that anymore.”
  4. Am i going to regret a RWD Taycan purchase?

    I have a ‘22 RWD and couldn’t be happier. It’s heavily specced and it’s incredibly nimble…it feels like a significantly smaller car. I don’t even care about the off the line acceleration, it’s still faster than 90% of cars on the road. People are acting like it accelerates like a Honda Civic...
  5. Do I need ventilated seats?

    Yes, absolutely. I’m in the Bay Area as well and on those hot days, it’s essential. I no longer sweat on the seat and it just a big help to keep cool in general.
  6. RWD owners - need your help

    agreed on this. I put mine into sport plus…Did that today and it was literally like a go-kart. It was amazing.
  7. Carmine Red or Crayon/Chalk

    Never considered anything other than carmine red. Amazing color, got a ton of comments on it.
  8. RWD owners - need your help

    I had a chance to get a 4s that had good specs or a RWD that I could spec the exact way that I wanted it.I’ve test driven both…the RWD is plenty fast. It’s an absolute joy to drive and with the RWD it feels more like a top end car when it handles, tbh. Even the dealer told me it’s not worth the...
  9. Tire and Wheel protection from Porsche?

    GET IT. I have less than 500 miles on my RWD and I hit a pothole. New tire would have cost me around $600.
  10. Nor-Cal / Bay Area Meet & Greet 6/15/22

    Can we do a meet up on a weekend? I’m down to come!
  11. 2022 Taycan RWD Owner: First Thoughts

    I did that on my RWD and I love it!
  12. Taycan Base vs. Turbo S - my review

    Got my RWD a few weeks ago and it’s unbelievable. No regrets. I also specced the F out of it, just a personal preference. Car of my dreams.
  13. I am genuinely shocked by how much attention this car attracts on a daily basis.

    Had a neighbor come up to me and compliment it, then when I told him it was electric, he was surprised lol…..then he was like “those have ‘get away from the cops’ speed” (which is funny because he’s a cop LOL) Here’s my car:
  14. TYD Issues?

    TYD has been down for almost a full day for me. Is anyone else having issues?
  15. How long will my car sit at Emden Port?

    Mine's been at Emden since Feb 23rd. It's not even scheduled to get on a ship until March 25th (who even knows if it'll get on a ship by then) over a month later. Totally sucks and super frustrating, but it is what it is. Just gotta be happy that our cars were at least produced before the...
  16. Carmine red with black door handles?

    My lock date is coming up on the 14th, but the last thing I’m thinking about doing is adding black door handles to my carmine red build (see photos). What do y’all think? Should I keep the black door handles or just have them red
  17. Suggestions on options / packages add-ins for base Taycan?

    What are the general feelings about the sport design package? Does it make enough of a difference to merit purchasing?
  18. Suggestions on options / packages add-ins for base Taycan?

    thank you! I’m considering adding PASM with the air supsoension and RAS to my config. You’re saying it’s worth it, correct?
  19. Suggestions on options / packages add-ins for base Taycan?

    this is kind of where I’m at…I don’t need a ton of performance…this will be my daily driver…but I’d like something that I can enjoy aesthetically. The base seems plenty fast for me, I considered the 4s and ran the configurator countless times, but I still lean towards a well spec-ed base.
  20. Suggestions on options / packages add-ins for base Taycan?

    Hey everyone! First time posting…Super excited to be here! I am ordering a Taycan base, but was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what should be added in vs what’s nice to have (budgeting up to 40k of add-ins, if necessary).