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    My Porsche App not working since Mar 14th

    I get the red dot as it relates to status. This is the 2nd or 3rd time this has happened for an extended period. The PCM is indicating that there is a good LTE connection. Last time I called PCNA but I am not sure that they actually did something that fixed it…. Anyone else having similar...

    Software update? My Radio works properly now.

    I just noticed that when I start my car, I no longer need to select the last XM/Radio station that I was listening to last time….it just plays. I presume Porsche made an update? Also noticed some slightly different icons on the driver’s display. If Porsche is making changes, they are on the...

    Anyone else having trouble with the app connecting to the car today?

    Mine has not been able to connect since yesterday…..

    What’s that squeak….?

    I previously had an issue with a trunk rattle which has been solved with help from this forum. It was the cargo shelf clips. I now have a squeak that is coming from the same area. It happens with or without the cargo shelf in place. Has anyone figured out the source and solution for an...

    GT4 e-Performance EV unleashed at the Race of Champions Sweden

    Love everything except the sound..

    Audi Made A PICK-UP Truck!

    Interesting…..a different take on utility.

    Video: The 100,000th Taycan Has Just Been Made

    I thought this happened a little while ago….perhaps the difference between being produced vs sold. Nonetheless it’s a cool new video. If you are the lucky owner of #100,000, please do share.

    I’m more optimistic about future Porsche products

    I was recently watching a preview video on YT of the 2024 Porsche Cayenne. It’s getting an updated exterior and a completely new interior. The reviewer was not at liberty to completely unveil the interior but if you look closely at about 2mins in, you can see (drum roll please….) actual hard...

    2000 Mile Taycan CT 4S model and options - my review

    So I have had my CT 4S for a little over a month now and figured I would do a review of this model and a few of the features I find notable for one reason or another. Taycan is my 3rd Porsche but my first EV. This is my daily driver and it’s primarily used for commuting (kid commuting being...
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    Can The Porsche Taycan REALLY Beat The 911? -- Drag Race & Track Battle

    Sporty car vs Sports car…
  11. RAHRCR

    Interesting info on the potential Audi RS6 EV

    Note the comparisons to the “old” J1 platform that we are currently riding on… I dont need the extra power but I will take extra range and interior space any day with the new platform in a Porsche product.
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    Recuperation: For efficiency or driving preference?

    I have had my Taycan for about 2.5 weeks now and have played with recuperation for about half of my driving miles. I am curious to know whether recuperation on Taycan is an efficiency play or really just a feature that seeks accommodate a different driving style. I am interested in the...
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    First maintenance wash on the Cross Turismo

    Ok so I did my first maintenance wash today (DIY Detail RW and Ceramic Gloss). This is my first experience with a fully PPF and coated car. I expected the paint to be easier (and it was) but being able to use the same RW to clean the wheels so easily was somewhat unexpected. I still have...
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    New Delivery ASMR….

    Feel free to add your own…I know there are many cars being delivered these days 😊
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    My first error message….

    Only had the car 24 hours. Anyone seen this message before and/or know what it means? I checked and can’t find anything.
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    Who will receive the first MY23?

    Given all that has happened this year, I am very curious to see who will be the first to check-in with the first MY23 delivery. Also curious as to whether the MY23 deliveries will occur while many are still waiting for their MY22. I suspect that it would hard for Porsche to get all of the...
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    Porsche Taycan RWD | The Everyday EV

    For those of you on the fence about RWD with a lower spec…
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    TYD is not a substitute for customer service…

    In recognition of the fact that many of us in this forum have yet to receive our cars, I just needed to get something off my chest. For those that have not yet taken delivery, we fall into different buckets. Those at the early stages of placing an order, many who are waiting for production of...
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    Is anyone tracking daily activity at Port Emden?

    I think we are all aware of the strike by now but trying to get a sense of whether cars are being loaded at all, whether it’s a slow down or a full stop and whether vessels will leave on their planned scheduled dates or be delayed until they get loaded up. I know some of this group is clever...