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  1. Gru

    Trying to prove that Planning a long Road Trip in a Taycan is very easy

    I did a test, by using a fake GPS location app on the phone (Android). When connected to the car, Waze shows the fake location... so it doesn't use the car's GPS unit ! And still same behaviour: when I ask Waze to start a new navigation, it kills the PCM one 😑 it has to be something else then....
  2. Gru

    Trying to prove that Planning a long Road Trip in a Taycan is very easy that could be the answer… but it doesn’t explain why TT works….
  3. Gru

    Trying to prove that Planning a long Road Trip in a Taycan is very easy

    not clear to me why it would work with one app and not with others 🤔 - it's not hardware - it's not GPS access related, neither car audio or display, then... - does it come from the apps, Waze and others ? Android Auto or Carplay ? PCM ? I had a look at BMW and Audi forums: same there too, so I...
  4. Gru

    Trying to prove that Planning a long Road Trip in a Taycan is very easy

    used My Porsche on IOS and Android versions to plan the same itinerary. all parameters identical .... but results are different 🤔😅
  5. Gru

    Trying to prove that Planning a long Road Trip in a Taycan is very easy

    exact, same behaviour with Android Auto. I often travel more than 700km a day without problem. it just require planning as you very well explained: - compute the road with ABRP / double check with Waze for traffic or work issues - enter the Ionity stations as favorite in PCM navigator, and your...
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    GTS Sport Turismo range

    there is no miracle at highway speed: bigger battery combined with improved aerodynamics (and small wheels). But that is not Porsche DNA. They would be wrong trying to compete with Mercedes or Lucid on these grounds.
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    GTS Sport Turismo range

    that’s WLTP
  8. Gru

    GTS Sport Turismo range

    exactly. WLTP simulation has nothing to do with real life (see below WLTC): an average speed of 33mph... It just helps car makers to show an (unreal) autonomy that won’t scare potential buyers. They should instead show the autonomy from 85% to 10% on 3 cycles: town, roads at 90km/h (55mph) and...
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    Help! Total charge point

    +1 I don’t use them
  10. Gru

    Help! Total charge point

    it got it a few times: a call to Ionity and a remote reboot and it always worked after. Once we were 2 Taycans : both got it, so definitely not the car but the provider
  11. Gru

    Help! Total charge point

    if not too late, i would try to unplug / plug on another spot there. and/or call them: they can reboot it remotely
  12. Gru

    DC charging speed : stat on 4500 mi / 7000 km

    I've been doing quite a lot of highway trips in the last 3 months, charging mainly at Ionity chargers. Most of the time from about 10/15% to 80/85% at freezing temp. it took me 12h30 for 1732kWh, so 140kW on average, with a record of 62kWh in 19mn (almost 200kW) to re-fill 75% of the battery...
  13. Gru

    Taycan owners in Belgium? CT? EV fast charging in Belgium.

    someone from this forum?😉
  14. Gru

    Porsche Says One-Pedal Driving In EVs Isn't Efficient
  15. Gru

    Only getting around 130 miles range

    heavily dependent on the average speed and outside temperature. Some data on recent trips (highway - data for around 100 / 150 miles trips - AC eco 21 Celsius - range mode): - 3.0 miles / kWh - avg. speed 75 mph - T ext. : 10 C - 2.6 miles / kWh - avg. speed 79 mph - T ext. : 8 C - 2.4 miles /...
  16. Gru

    What would a battery swap cost?

    a new one is about 45k$.
  17. Gru

    Can The Porsche Taycan REALLY Beat The 911? -- Drag Race & Track Battle

    Oufff.... €0.26 at a slow charger in the street (Belgium) and €0.35 with Ionity (France)
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    Reached 10,000 km in Europe

    i wanted to share my experience after reaching 10000 km on highways in 5 months, driving in Belgium, France, Italy, Germany and Switzerland: - i always prepare my trips (favoring Ionity), with a charge at destination around 20-25%. I tried Tesla Supercharger once but cables are too short on most...
  19. Gru

    Range at high speeds?

    almost 2.8mi/kwh at 90 mph. that was last summer on a flat highway. I find it more than decent