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  1. Taycan Manufacturing Process

    Nice detailed video of how a Taycan is manufactured. Raises the question of what the service department has to take apart to fix something. Probably appeals to IE and factory automation types. At 13:07 they do a 918 Spyder which has a lot more hand work.
  2. RSymons' Taycan Roadtrip to Scotland

    I think this guy produces some of the best quality videos for the Taycan, but more directed to UK users. So all I can say is enjoy.
  3. Remove Before Race Specs a Taycan

    With all the discussions about how best to spec a Taycan, here is RBR specs for his second Taycan. (With the exception of electric sound).
  4. LED headlights compared: LED Cornering Headlights & Porsche Dynamic Lighting System PDSL+ [Full LED vs Matrix]

    Thought this was a good demonstration of the effectiveness of the LED light options on the Taycan which might be useful when spec'ing a car . He shows two of the options. LED Cornering Headlights Porsche Dynamic Lighting System PDSL+ The narrow English roads really show how these actually work.
  5. Software Update Cancelled

    Took my MY2020 in for its two year service and the software update. The SA said the software update was cancelled last week as there were reports of it bricking cars on the road and it won't be re-released until its fixed. Wondering if those who have had it done will be bringing their cars...
  6. NACS vs CCS

    I am looking at you @daveo4EV . I said no existing Taycan would ever charge at a Tesla Supercharger and you said I was blowing smoke. I came to this conclusion as soon as Tesla said they were opening their standard to everyone to get those Biden bucks. Does this meet the test under H.R. 5376...
  7. Schadenfreude

    Off topic, but I thought this guy was supposed to be smart.
  8. Taycan Turbo S on track by EVO

    Some track POV visuals at 3:10 mark. As discussed many times, the weight is a factor.
  9. Taycan ST High Speed Efficiency - Out of Spec

    If you were wondering what the hit on range is at high speed is. Summary starts at 22:20 if you want to skip the talking.
  10. Another EV World Record in a Taycan -- 13 countries and 1200 miles in 24 hours

    Ok, this is more for entertainment value than usefulness. But could you do 13 states/provinces in 24 hours in a Taycan? Driving in Europe looks like much more interesting than driving in NA.
  11. Taycan Range Test With New Software Update

    From Tom Moloughney. This should settle most questions people have on the new software update.
  12. How many Amps are used in Launch control

    How many amps does the Taycan draw in Launch Control and say cruising on the highway at 70 mph? A calculation says if overboost power is 560 kW then the amps are 700 (Watt's law P = IV). Tesla appears to use around 1500 amps at full power. Given that Taycan voltage is twice that of Tesla...
  13. Major Taycan Updates Coming - video summary by Pcarwhisper

    Always one of the best sources for information on the Taycan.
  14. It's all about power to weight and handling

    There were a couple of threads about torque and gear ratios and their effect on performance which I think were quite useful though a little heated. Performance here means acceleration and speed, not handling. Taycan's handling is already superior to everyone else. Just my opinion, the only...
  15. Bjorn panning 800 volts vs 400v

    This one takes a little effort to wade through and lots of points/speculations that he makes that can be countered. Basically he is claiming 400v is better than 800v. ie Tesla is good and Porsche isn't. But he missed the fundamental point, and got confused about losses. Fundamentally...
  16. Bjorn reviews the Taycan fast charging options

    Been awhile since there was Bjorn video. I thought this one raised some interesting points.
  17. Is it Torque or is it Horsepower?

    Further to an earlier thread here is a table of some different vehicles. What do you think? Is it torque or horsepower. I have ranked them by power to weight (hint). If the numbers are super wrong let me know. Vehicle Base Price USD Engine Vehicle Weight in lbs Horsepower...
  18. Kyle Drifts a 2WD Taycan

    I don't think I am going to trash my tires. Anyways fun for the lads.
  19. Are You a Range King?

    If you weigh 150 lbs., live in Denver and have 19 inch tires you are. Or perhaps you are wondering if I get that gym membership and lose 50 lbs., how much will I save if I drive my Taycan 20,000 miles per year. For my area that would be $2.06 if I charge off peak and $4.39 if I charge on peak...
  20. All the 70 mph Range Tests

    I had been waiting for the 70 mph range tests for the Lucid Air and Mercedes EQS before publishing an updated comparison plot and table. I have my feelings on the subject and you will have yours as everyone has different preferences. I am using the test results from Inside EVs, Out of Spec...