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  1. satchurator

    PCM Nagging About Apple Music and Podcasts

    I keep getting PCM messages reminding me to set up Apple Music and Apple Podcasts. I reject the notifications and then delete the messages, but then I get a new pair of the same messages a few days later. I don’t want to set up Apple Music or Podcasts on the PCM (I prefer to use CarPlay). Other...
  2. satchurator

    Does Range Guesstimate Consider TPMS?

    Tire pressure influences range, but does the Taycan’s range estimate or PIRM take into account the current TPMS pressure readings? Or is it only indirect through observed consumption, and tire pressure’s influence upon that consumption?
  3. satchurator

    Definitive Source For Curb Weight?

    Where can I locate the curb weight of my CT4? Where can any owner look this up for their respective Taycan model? My manual and door jam sticker only mention max loads, not the unladen Curb Weight. Emphasis: I’m looking for a definitive source. Please don’t share: A number you just Googled...
  4. satchurator

    PCM Infotainment update Finder - Dynamic 7.1.17

    Seeing my first PCM OTA update since getting the uPdate: I’m in the US, MY22 CT4. Haven’t installed yet…
  5. satchurator

    J+ Booster: Juice Booster EVSE For USA Thanks to @tigerbalm mentioning it, I’ve been aware of the Juice Booster as a very well made European EVSE with nice adapters and very robust...
  6. satchurator

    Delete Phone From PCM?

    My car is in for the ANA6 update. Having read how folks have needed to re-login, and set up CarPlay over again, I tried to proactively delete all paired phones from my PCM's device list before my appointment. I just could not find a way to do it! Tried swiping across in the Device Manager...
  7. satchurator

    Duffel Bags That Fit The Taycan Frunk?

    I keep my mobile charging gear in the rectangular pancake charging case that the PMC+ came in, and I place that in the frunk. However, that case doesn’t really fit the frunk well, makes it awkward to utilize the remaining space. I’m interested in finding a duffel bag or similar as my go-bag...
  8. satchurator

    PWCC Software Update Version 6111 Available

    Was surprised to see a message on my PWCC unit today indicating that there was a software update available. That I’m aware of, this is the first update that I’ve experienced since installing. I checked the Porsche updates page for the PWCC, and would you believe - there are release notes...
  9. satchurator

    Steering Wheel Leather Damage

    Dropped my car off for detailing this morning, and they pointed out some damage to my steering wheel (photo attached). I think that these scrapes were caused by a zipper on a pair of shorts that I often wear. There are multiple scrapes on the lower left quadrant. I use comfort entry but as we...
  10. satchurator

    PCM Navigation | Manually Confirm Arrival / Skip Stopover During Tour?

    On multiple occasions I've experienced an issue with PCM navigation where the car fails to recognize arrival at a stopover. I'll have programmed a navigation route to include one or more stopovers; A stopover might be an intended charging location or just a street address. After having stopped...
  11. satchurator

    Mottled Stripes On Roof Rails After Touchless Car Wash - Help!

    Hoping to get some advice on an issue I experienced after taking my CT4 through a touchless car wash for the first time. My standard black MY22 CT4 has full XPEL PPF and Ceramic Pro. I usually get 3-4 thorough details per year, with between-details maintenance just being a manual rinse / spot...
  12. satchurator

    Parking Brake Stuck After ~3 Weeks In Garage

    Experienced a strange issue this morning. I have had my CT4 parked in my home garage for about 3 weeks. I powered up, began to reverse, and it felt like there was an obstruction - the car didn’t roll like I’m used to. I immediately backed off accelerator pedal and walked around. No obstructions...
  13. satchurator

    Decision Logic For Swapping From Winter to Summer Tires?

    Hoping to tap the wisdom of the experienced summer/winter wheel set swappers here. The manual indicates a very binary 45°F (7°C) ambient for the threshold to switch. For a daily driver, what are the considerations for switching during the transition period where daytime highs are consistently...
  14. satchurator

    Performance Roof Box + Thule WingBars = Noise Issues

    I purchased the Porsche Performance Roof Box before I received my CT4 (unboxing thread here). After seeing the issues @Swissbob experienced with his OEM roof bars, I decided to get the Thule WingBar Edge 9585B roof bars. After two winter road trips, I've been experiencing a frustrating noise...
  15. satchurator

    Condensation in Front Lights?

    Winter has arrived in the US northeast. Drove my CT4 for 30m this morning, and noticed condensation in the front headlights. There have been previous postings about condensation in the rear lights, but I haven't seen anything about the front. The car was in my garage overnight and temperature...
  16. satchurator

    DIY Wheel Changes | Tool Recommendations?

    Hi folks, I plan to do my own seasonal wheel changes. Any recommendations for: 1) A low profile jack that can handle the Taycan’s weight. 2) A reliable torque wrench. I could swear I read at least one thread that included some tips but search is failing me now. Thanks for any tips!
  17. satchurator

    Porsche Wall Charger Connect | Unbox & Install

    Back in September I purchased the new Porsche Wall Charger Connect, Porsche's new 80A hardwired level 2 EVSE. I've been upgrading my garage ahead of my CT4 delivery, and have had plenty of time to plan out the PWCC installation. Getting quotes from competent and reliable electricians has been...
  18. satchurator

    Unboxing The Performance Roof Box

    Besides the nice action shots by @Swissbob I haven't seen many pictures of the new Porsche Performance Roof Box. In preparation for my new CT4, I ordered one through my dealer's parts department. I am no YouTuber but I thought I would share some photos of the 'unboxing'. 1. When it arrived, the...
  19. satchurator

    Steering Column - Replace Manual With Electric

    With the chip shortage, for those of you whose Taycan was delivered with a manual steering column when it should have been electric; have you been through the experience of the service appointment to retrofit the electric steering column? How big a job was it? Any issues of quality in the...