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  1. New(?) message on myPorsche re: heaters

    My heater on 2021 4s failed about 4 weeks ago. I called dealer A - their response “we have to order the part and we have absolutely no idea when it will come - we will call you when we get it”. Haven’t heard anything further from them. I called Dealer B. They said they would not order part...
  2. Report: Charging my Taycan at Tesla Supercharger with new CCS compatible magic dock

    Anyone know if the 150kw charger can be retrofitted to an existing car?
  3. Tesla to open ~20% of U.S. Superchargers to all EV by end of 2024

    Looks like most of the available chargers are in out of the way locations in upstate NY - but it’s a start.
  4. Heater broken. My turn.

    2021 4S. Heater failed today. I just called 2 local dealers. I am being told the replacement heater parts are on national back order with no ETA (in the U.S.). Not good.
  5. New heating system - shortage of components for new delivery

    I just called 2 local dealers. I am being told the replacement heater parts are on national back order with no ETA (in the U.S.). Not good.
  6. Charging planner hanging

    This happens to me once in a while. Just do the 2 finger reboot and it resolves.
  7. 19.2 kW AC On-board charger removes the standard Plug & Charge capability

    I have a 2021 with the 19kw onboard charger. When I first got the car (new) plug and charge did not work. I had the software update done to fix this issue quite a while ago (can’t remember exactly when this was). I have never had a problem with plug and charge since. Works every time. The...
  8. Anyone had 20,000 mile service done?

    Has anyone in the US had the 20,000 mile scheduled maintenance done? If so, what was the cost?
  9. Porsche connect - can’t preheat or precool

    Yes - there was some valve in the cooling system that needed to be replaced. There is a recall for this. Had the work done several months ago and it’s been fine ever since.
  10. Electrify America problem after Update

    I had the update earlier this week. Everything working great. I didn’t lose any settings and got the car back in one day as promised. The one thing I have noticed is that, like you, when I charged at EA plug and charge worked fine (always did) but the charger did not advance to the charging...
  11. Taycan Charging Experience With This Scenario?

    Just wondering what others are experiencing with respect to the following conditions: Battery fully warmed 350kw EA charger Standard charging settings (not battery conserve mode) Starting state of charge approximately 40 percent. In this scenario I generally get about 160kw until about 55-58...
  12. Radio Favorites Dissappearing

    I had the exact same issue on my 2019 Audi A7 - both station favorites and saved gps data disappeared frequently. Actually happened about once a month on the Audi.
  13. PCM 6.0 update notice coming for 2020-2021 models over next 30 days

    I have no idea if this Facebook post is accurate. I saw it on the Facebook taycan owners page and decided to pass it on. I personally don’t have any info on this.
  14. Apple Podcasts disappeared

    This happens from time to time - no explanation as to why. It will reappear again in a few hours (when you start the car again) or you can do a 2 finger reset. Same thing happens with Apple Music.
  15. They fixed the calendar!!!

    It’s working now. Signed out and back in on the pcm and that did the trick.
  16. They fixed the calendar!!!

    i dont have an option to turn it on in the MyPorsche ap. there is an on/off option that says Display in PCM. i have that on but whenever i select the calendar in PCM all i get is that log in screen with the QR code
  17. They fixed the calendar!!!

    How do I log on to the calendar? When I select calendar in the pcm I get the QR code to scan but nothing happens when I scan. I am on the cars Wi-Fi network as the log on page instructs