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  1. Gru

    DC charging speed : stat on 4500 mi / 7000 km

    I've been doing quite a lot of highway trips in the last 3 months, charging mainly at Ionity chargers. Most of the time from about 10/15% to 80/85% at freezing temp. it took me 12h30 for 1732kWh, so 140kW on average, with a record of 62kWh in 19mn (almost 200kW) to re-fill 75% of the battery...
  2. Gru

    Porsche Says One-Pedal Driving In EVs Isn't Efficient
  3. Gru

    Reached 10,000 km in Europe

    i wanted to share my experience after reaching 10000 km on highways in 5 months, driving in Belgium, France, Italy, Germany and Switzerland: - i always prepare my trips (favoring Ionity), with a charge at destination around 20-25%. I tried Tesla Supercharger once but cables are too short on most...