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    Sports Chrono Simple Improvement

    Stilfser Joch?
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    Sports Chrono Simple Improvement

    I mostly agree with OP, although the functionality of the steering wheel knob is ok (even though it is ugly). But: does anybody know if the clock can be replaced with a compass as an aftermaket job?
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    PSA: Don't fully trust the 3D surround vision

    I did not order Remote Park Assist mostly because I don't trust it to avoid damage every time, and the Audi I had with its equivalent did it with such speed that it made me nervous. At first I expected a more advanced surround view in the Taycan since I specified the SurrondView option, but now...
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    Used MY20 Taycan Turbo, new 4S, or e-tron GT?

    New 4S or used turbo: depends on how specific you are on colors and options, and how "badly" you want the performance. I have a GTS, in-between the two, and appreciated ordering it from factory with my spec. The performance is fine, although a turbo would add a bit of punch. (The turbo S only...
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    Clicking noise from brake pedal

    I had it all the time while the brakes bedded in and there was no regen. At 2500 km now there is a clicking sound sometimes (not often), and it seems to be unrelated to regen / not regen. It is a bit annoying, I don't think it should be like this, but have not visited the shop about it yet.
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    To boot (trunk) or not.

    Back to the original topic: yes, you can fit a set of four tires in the sedan Taycan (or in my case, the Audi RS e-tron GT), but only if one of them is in the passenger front seat, which makes it definitely not recommended. And I am in the camp of preferring the outside form of the ST as well...
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    Used e-tron GT prices

    I have had an RS e-tron GT as my daily driver for a year or so, but have switched to a Taycan GTS Sport Turismo this year. If the trunk of a sedan is roomy enough for you and you don't mind a no-feel steering, the RS may be a good choice. But I am very happy with having switched. Edit: you also...
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    Porsche Says One-Pedal Driving In EVs Isn't Efficient

    Yes, the paddles do that, but their range of recuperation strength is just as limited as with the Taycan. Even though I now definitely prefer two-pedal driving (after giving myself a couple of weeks to get used to it), I think what the Audi paddles do is far from what it should have been.
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    Taycan to Tromsø Road Trip – Winter 2023 (Arctic Norway)

    Great reports! Just a bit of information about the seeming power plant near Trondheim: it produces heat for buildings in the area by burning waste. Almost 90% renewable according to Statkraft. See this web page:
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    Porsche Says One-Pedal Driving In EVs Isn't Efficient

    I certainly don't hate one-pedal driving. In my Tesla I used it from 2015 to 2021, and it was convenient. But I agree that it is not fully efficient: reducing speed with regen (by the way, doing it with the brake pedal or with an auto setting makes absolutely no difference) and then increasing...
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    Porsche Says One-Pedal Driving In EVs Isn't Efficient

    Yes, you CAN coast, but will have to both observe the power display all the time AND be very precise with the pedal foot. I don't think that is ideal, neither for attention nor for the best energy efficiency. The good thing with the Porsche coasting is that it is very easy to use. I agree that...
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    I’m happy with my standard brakes, but want coated dics

    This rust is the main reason why I specified PCSB (Porsche Surface Coated Brakes). They even get a mirror-like finish after a while. Whether you can switch after the car is produced, I have no idea. It is not just the discs that are physically different.
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    Charge Range and Efficiency - One year's data

    Great analysis! I would think that in my climate (southern Norway, winter often around or below 0 degrees centigrade), season and weather would mean more than in Texas. I have only about five weeks of driving record now, but can imagine doing some analysis like this later. If there is interest...
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    Range ST GTS

    What causes the most range loss is how much energy goes into warming up the car (chiefly battery and interior) each time it starts. Cold starts and short trips eat a lot of range. As I wrote in another thread...
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    Only getting around 130 miles range

    Choose "Trip" in righthand instrument cluster tube, select current trip. Observe how average consumption starts high (often above 100 kWh/100 km) and creeps downwards. For me now in winter, it mostly does not go below 30 until after 10 to 15 km, even with rather slow country road driving. Edit...
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    Range ST GTS

    All braking with regen is energywise the same, whether done by brake pedal or by auto (or by InnoDrive for that matter). The differences lie in convenience versus conscious efficiency. Regen is 80-85% efficient as far as I know. Using regen instead of disc/drum brakes is indeed efficient - but...
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    Range ST GTS

    As I said just above here, I don't use automatic regen anymore. With auto, it is easy to accelerate a bit (too) much and afterwards auto-regen a bit more than necessary again. To regen with the brake pedal only is most efficient (the regen itself is the same, but using it a bit less causes less...
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    Range ST GTS

    Sure - even with some loss. But compared to going up and down with no regen the saving is significant. Braking (without regen) is a waste of energy. When I had a Tesla Model S, I liked one-pedal driving. But now with the Taycan I do it the default way with "sailing" when no pedal is active...
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    Range ST GTS

    I didn't make a note of it, but I remember it as between 800 and 1000 km. How much regeneration gives, depends on the driving and road. With mostly even speed and even terrain: not much. With hilly terrain and/or varied speed, my experience is that the saving is significant, although I don't...
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    Range ST GTS

    About 1000 miles driven. I don't charge to 100%, but my present charge/range status is the equivalent of 393 km = about 245 miles at 100%. Range improved considerably when run-in of the brakes was done and it started to regenerate properly.