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  1. Tsingtao

    Decals on my modded license plate area

    I hate to be the one to ruin a perfectly good fantasy, but you will not like what you find once you remove the US license plate mounting garbage. Very large holes about the size of the plastic chunks that surround the plate. The pic below is the effect that I thought could be achieved by...
  2. Tsingtao

    Decals on my modded license plate area

    That is very well done! I too am obsessed with the "baboon's ass" rear valance on my car. When I was waiting on delivery, I complied a checklist of simple stuff to do once I got my hands on the car, e.g. replacing the side markers, ceramic coating, window tinting, and, of course, ripping off...
  3. Tsingtao

    Turbo S with 25k mileage is it worth it?

    I'm not sure where you got that chart, but my dealer assured me that Porsche provides a lifetime warranty -- unlimited mileage -- for tires, wheels, wiper blades, and cabin air filters. 😆
  4. Tsingtao

    Turbo S with 25k mileage is it worth it?

    I had the same problem, so I switched to Energizer AAA batteries -- they worked great for that little toy bunny with the drum, so I am supremely confident they will be rock solid in the Taycan. If a couple should good bad after 50 or 60K miles, I can always swap out batteries from one of the TV...
  5. Tsingtao

    Turbo S with 25k mileage is it worth it?

    I thought the Porsche battery warranty was only 24,000 miles. But either way, what could possibly go wrong with electronics on an EV?
  6. Tsingtao

    Is Porsche using cheap materials?

    The heater will be fine, as will be the headlights. Just take a deep breath and focus on threads that explain how to operate and maintain the car rather than threads which highlight problems (real and/or imagined). No company on Earth could build a car that would satisfy all of the people on...
  7. Tsingtao

    Beautiful Inside and Out

    Agree. I would at minimum like to see Panamera style pop-up cupholder concealment. My last car, an ELR (by far the coolest car ever produced by GM), had an electric sliding cover for the cupholders in the center console which provided cup-holding utility when needed and a clean, modern look...
  8. Tsingtao

    $1,000 yearly EV registration fee?

    Or how about this: Levy a fraction of a penny per kWh tax on all electricity used by all consumers. Even people who walk to and from work will get taxed (and scream bloody murder) but it is hard to argue that they do not benefit from roads when food, clothing, mail, etc. is 100% transported by...
  9. Tsingtao

    Final decision on wheels

    Here is a curveball for you. If you like the black wheels, consider changing the exterior color to Chalk. I saw a CT at my dealer a couple weeks ago with that combo (maybe the wheels were even high gloss black, can't remember for sure) and the car was absolutely stunning. I hate to say it...
  10. Tsingtao

    MB EQE SUV vs. Waiting for Macan EV

    You are correct, no frunk in the MB EQE. It does however have a nifty trap door storage compartment underneath the floor in the back. Quite spacious actually -- would have been a perfect place for MB to put a spare tire (but those seem to be completely out of fashion these days). The MB is...
  11. Tsingtao

    MB EQE SUV vs. Waiting for Macan EV

    While running my Macan loaner through the car wash today (sorry Porsche, no hand wash for the loaner) look what popped out right behind me, an EQE SUV. The driver said that he worked for MB and was responsible for training dealers on the new tech. He also claimed that the SUV would show up...
  12. Tsingtao

    Traded my Taycan in - do I give the charger back also?

    I blew up my last charger and decided to use my Porsche freebie until such time as I could have a new wall mounted charger installed. I already had a Nema 14-50 compatible 240 outlet in the garage so I plugged in and now charge with the sucker everyday -- no fires, no smoke, no urgent need to...
  13. Tsingtao

    I charge to 75% at just 5.7kw, and I don't even notice the difference

    I typically charge at 80%, but after reading your post intend to knock it down to 75%. I only drive 20-60 miles a day so what is the difference? And if I can preserve even a little more battery life for the next guy/girl who owns my Taycan (after I trade it in for a 718 EV:rock:) that may...
  14. Tsingtao

    Taycan GTS Sport Turismo ST. My very first impressions

    Mama Mia, I agree! The Taycan is indeed a work of art, one that is really, really fun to drive.
  15. Tsingtao

    Switching wheels+tires, anything special needed for TPMS?

    Just checked. I am currently on the setting "R20 Winter" so for sure there is a winter setting. Best advice: be patient, someone on this site will know what the best setting for all seasons would be. My guess is that the only real difference in PCM settings relates to when the little...
  16. Tsingtao

    Switching wheels+tires, anything special needed for TPMS?

    Go to the PCM and dig into vehicle settings to get a list of tires (eg summer, winter, size, etc.) and select whichever one you have just put on the car. Nothing "just works" (at least until we can buy iCars from Apple). Maybe try barking some commands at the PCM and see if the "Hey Porsche"...
  17. Tsingtao

    Free DC Fast Charging Doesn't Suck -- Unless You are Paid by Qmerit to Promote Home Charging I like some of Mr. M's videos -- especially the one in which he provides excellent instructions for charging my Taycan! But this paid-opinion-piece is too much to bear. Personally, I find Porsche's free DC fast...
  18. Tsingtao

    I’m more optimistic about future Porsche products

    Blasphemy! ;) The only physical button that I regularly need to access is the diamond button on the steering wheel when I need to select a new song. I find that all the automatic controls (climate, lighting, etc.) work just fine -- set and forget. Rather than junk up the car with more...
  19. Tsingtao

    Completely lost in choosing between sedan and sport turismo + spec

    At the end of the day, I reached the same conclusion during my internal mental debate between the sedan and the "wagon." Even though I have a couple kids and sometimes need to haul their crap, I concluded that a station wagon is a station wagon, even if it is a Porsche. IMHO, buying the...