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  1. NEW CAR DAY: 2023 ICE GRAY GTS with Full XPEL 10 PPF wrap and window tint

    What's going on with all these totaled cars from US posters? Are your fellow motorists generally bad drivers or specifically aiming for our Taycans?:)
  2. Used MY20 Taycan Turbo, new 4S, or e-tron GT?

    If power output is an important consideration for you I would opt for a Turbo / Turbo S, in particular if you are used to the Model S. I bought a 4S last summer and love pretty much every aspect of the car and find the performance sufficient, but now sometime catch myself wanting a bit quicker...
  3. Porsche Charging Network

    Tried a few times since last summer with no luck - they're a supplier of last resort given the price differential vs Ionity et al, but do have a good network in the central London area.
  4. Porsche Charging Network

    Shell UK has not worked with Porsche RFID or the app for a good six months. I guess they want to squeeze Taycan owners for the full 85p/kWh "ultra-rapid" charger rate!
  5. Porsche says “significant price increases” coming middle of this year

    The ARF must be worth every cent with that kind of classy wrap;)
  6. Turbo S with 25k mileage is it worth it?

    The battery is covered by an eight-year or 100,000-mile warranty.
  7. Retrofitting 22kw charger UK

    Porsche West London quoted around 6k last autumn for a retrofit.
  8. UK Ltd Company purchase best options

    The IR payments is a deductible expense on corporation tax. Still, with the current financing rates it's probably a good idea to consider a cash purchase.
  9. New Taycan 4S Owner - First Do's and Dont's

    Take it for a long, fun road trip and get to know the car!
  10. Buy now…..or wait?

    The more cars I try, the more convinced I am of how great of a choice Taycan is. They really nailed it with beautiful design, flexibility of using it both as a comfortable grand tourismo and when desired as a sports car, decent range and overall very reliable. Build quality is also second to none.
  11. MY 24 delivery

    I am sorry to hear about your withdrawal. This is a real condition that those who do not drive a Taycan struggle to relate to. I am having mine in for servicing and they gave me an R8 V10 as a loaner - was a tough transition the first day but slowly starting to enjoy it. Compared to Taycan it...
  12. Too many Taycans for sale??

    will take your advise and def not test-drive the T/TS then!
  13. Too many Taycans for sale??

    That long in the shop sucks. I've had a few very minor repairs that each took <4 days and even that was disruptive.
  14. Too many Taycans for sale??

    Bought mine last July, and sure it's annoying that coming from a UK second-hand market abnormally favoring sellers we are now looking at steeper than normal depreciation (in the short-term at least). But as many have already noted, you're not buying a Taycan to make money and few toys are as...
  15. Too many Taycans for sale??

    and the Maserati is not even built on a dedicated EV platform right? Kind of iX3-style adaptation of an existing ICE model.
  16. Porsche Says One-Pedal Driving In EVs Isn't Efficient

    Got to put this theory into practice during a long road trip down to Spain last summer. Pretty much had zero margin for error due to a planned charging stop not working out, and coasting down the hilly landscape near Montpellier made all the difference. Reached the Ionity station with 2% of...
  17. UK Finance (interest rates)

    Not bad for UK. Probably also because of the 50%+ cash deposit?
  18. Taycan is a Sports Car

    Taycan is definitely not a pure sports car, but can more or less be turned into one with the right chassis setting and driver mentality:)
  19. Best electricity tariff for EV switching today

    On EDF Energy fixed tariff until end September @ 22.28p/kWh (flat) with 24p daily standing charge. Not fantastic but definitely better than the current deals available.
  20. Range in wintertime

    Even UK winter weather has an impact (-10% or so) on range. As other posters have noted, most people don't buy Taycan for max efficiency though.