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  1. jontybutts

    Spacers w/ Rear Wheel Steering & 21” Mission E Wheels

    It’s my daily, driven in all weathers, 42,000 miles and two winters without issue. Wouldnt try it on a Tesla but the paint seems robust on Ze German.
  2. jontybutts

    Spacers w/ Rear Wheel Steering & 21” Mission E Wheels

    Suspension is unaltered from stock, it’s just the road undulations and my flagrant lack of regard for speed limits that means the bottom of the car bottoms out if on the “low” setting.
  3. jontybutts

    Spacers w/ Rear Wheel Steering & 21” Mission E Wheels

    My default is always the lowest suspension setting, on the roads around here it is not unusual for the car to scrape the road when pushing along (the dealer pointedly commented upon floor scrapes in their video of the underneath when it was last in fir service)
  4. jontybutts

    Spacers w/ Rear Wheel Steering & 21” Mission E Wheels

    Been running 15/20mm for the past 18 months with Emissions no issues.
  5. jontybutts

    Click-bait Cretins have moved to Taycans now…

    Unless its naked ladies I tend to not bother with online video content, you cant get upset at naked ladies, if I am allowed to still use that pronoun, maybe unpenised person might be better.......
  6. jontybutts

    Buyers of New Porsche Taycan Face Wait Times of 6 to 9 Months

    Mine showed up 13 months from order back in 2021 so things are on the up.
  7. jontybutts

    New Taycan 4S Owner - First Do's and Dont's

    Do Enjoy it, don't stress the small things, applies to most things in life.
  8. jontybutts

    Tesla to open ~20% of U.S. Superchargers to all EV by end of 2024

    Works ok in the UK and really annoys Tesla owners at the same time, so i use them as much as possible
  9. jontybutts

    Worth paying for the tracker subscription?

    I agree, Wife's car
  10. jontybutts

    Worth paying for the tracker subscription?

    Even my company mini fleet insurance required it, doesn't for the Lambo though which I thought odd.
  11. jontybutts

    Porsche Says One-Pedal Driving In EVs Isn't Efficient

    Don't know or really care about the efficiency, its certainly more enjoyable from a drivers point of view. Took me about 2 minutes after finally getting out of the 6 year nightmare of Tesla's to come to that conclusion.
  12. jontybutts

    Mission E Design wheels unavailable

    Have the Mission E's in Aurum and not one is unkerbed, but I park like a Frenchman, by touch. They are only wheels and can be sorted. Go with the look you want, plenty of aftermarket rims nowadays, choice was limited a few years ago.
  13. jontybutts

    Tire life - what mileage are you guys experiencing?

    I got 15000 miles before needing a full set of boots.
  14. jontybutts

    We are famous: "Porsche Taycan heater fix confirmed for owners left in the cold"

    My replacement was a Macan, which I told them to keep as I had one at service and vowed never to drive one again. My OPC have now learnt and put me in a 911 when the software recall was done.
  15. jontybutts


    Glad mine failed back in November then, back 3 days after they towed it.
  16. jontybutts

    Wading depth of a taycan

    It was a M3P which i had got after the MX because its air suspension failed, along with the half shafts, rear doors and MCU, which I had got when my MS suffered a drive unit failure, the obligatory door handle failures, yellow border and throttled charge speeds......utter PoS the lot of them.
  17. jontybutts

    Wading depth of a taycan

    Been up to the bottom of the doors over the past few days, no issues so far. 3 years ago I had a BMS failure in the Tesla I had doing the same thing, it got me home but was dead the next morning. So the Porsche seems better built than a Tesla..................shock.
  18. jontybutts

    Ordered my ST. Any last minute advice before locking

    I considered an Audi but then my kids reminded me that only Twats drive Audis.