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    Sports Chrono Simple Improvement

    That's why I love my compass! I never get lost with it!
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    Sport Sound Owners - Do You Use It Most of the Time?

    Almost two months of ownership and I always use it when alone in the car (I always drive in sport plus mode when alone) but always turn it off with the wife and/or kids as she doesn't like it.
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    Denting near headlights and other things I noticed on my new Taycan

    yes, totally unacceptable. Keep us updated
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    Recuperation / Regen how many miles until it starts working?

    It happened around the 800 km for me and yes, it makes a more pleasant driving experience once the braking region is working.
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    Boot liner for Cross Turismo

    That's the one I have and it fits perfectly.
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    CHALK Taycan Club

    That last pic with the snow is just magical 😍
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    $1,000 yearly EV registration fee?

    This made me smile but here in Belgium registration fees (you have to pay a unique fee before the car is put on the street + you have to pay an annual fee every year to drive your car). Now for EV, in some part of Belgium it's currently free (amazing) but for instance my old car, a Jeep Grand...
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    periodic "spongy" brakes. that don't stop. if i die please have my family sue Porsche

    I'm sure you ve already tried it but asking nevertheless: what happens when you pump the brake pedal as soon as you feel the spongy brakes?
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    4th Taycan Ordered… Refresh Coming, Advice Needed

    Yes, If I remember well I had to pay €60 for the lockable wheel bolts.
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    Final decision on wheels

    it is correctly installed as the the logo has to point in direction of the valve
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    Reseting GOM on Tycan (only 290-300km)!?

    I believe the guessometer has been reset. I wouldn’t pay too much attention to it. Many posts like this after an update.
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    Final decision on wheels

    I would go with black (satin or gloss). I think it goes VERY well with all the black accents. But it might be a bit too agressive looking for some people.
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    Fender removal

    wow I feel your pain too... I wouldn't repair it myself though, damages seem to be quite important (last picture shows different parts to be replaced). I hope they have a good insurance... and that the video shoot was worth it :whew:
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    Acceleration in normal mode CT4S

    It was freezing, batterie was cold because it was a very short drive (5min max and outside temperature is 0Celsius) picking up the kids at the school. They wanted me to push a little bit the car 😂 but yes, maybe because the battery was cold. I will try again alone tomorrow
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    Acceleration in normal mode CT4S

    Hi guys, just wondering if this is normal or not: while in normal mode, putting the foot on the accelerator all the way down and the car didn’t give me full power from the start. It was like there was a hiccup at slow speed and only then it accelerated fast. Just like the car was trying to hold...
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    Spec'ing UK Cross Turismo - Advice please

    I feel you on the 21’ more fragile than a faberge egg 😂🫶🏼
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    Spec'ing UK Cross Turismo - Advice please

    Exactly. Now if you don't like all the grey plastic stuff, you can choose the Sport Turismo.
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    Porsche Now An Independent Company. Invest in it?

    It's listed under the ticker P911 and has a staggering +€100B market cap. I wouldn't call that "cheap" in the current macro environment.
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    Taycan making weird noise after tire change at dealership due to tire puncture

    The car is perfectly fine, you should have lost confidence in your dealer instead 🫣