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    Driving review - Taycan GTS versus RS e-tron GT

    I am far from an expert on this. What I can try to describe is what I think and feel. But I cannot exclude that much of it is imagination: “it is a Porsche, it should drive better”. There is one aspect that is definitely real, however, although the judgment is subjective: electric sport sound...
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    Surround View not a rotatable view?

    I have bought my MY23 GTS ST with the Surround View option for park assist. But I won’t call what I have got a surround view. This is what it looks like in my car: I can select front and rear camera. But there is no way to choose a virtual camera outside the vehicle, like what this YouTube demo...
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    Happy with instrument binnacle items and options?

    The quality/clarity and general design I find to be excellent. But I am not totally happy with what is displayed there. A bit more flexibility and a few new options would be very useful I think. What are your thoughts on this? For example, what about merging the choice lists for the left and...
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    From Audi RS e-tron GT to Taycan GTS ST

    For many small reasons, two important ones being luggage space (the Audi trunk is not small, but impractical) and that I could get a Taycan delivered before Norwegian taxes are getting much higher. And the Porsche drives better, and I have come to prefer the Taycan exterior design, and the...