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  1. Taycan GTS Sport Turismo ST. My very first impressions

    It only needs a OEM fake V8 sound from the Porsche factory instead of the electric sound.
  2. Winter rubber & rims - Europe

    Same here. Michelin's Alpine 5 on my '21 Mission E rims. No complaints. It costs me 1800 euro ( for 4 wintertires.
  3. Help convince me to switch from a 911S Cabriolet to a Taycan 4S

    I ordered a 992 4S and i'm still waiting for it. Taycan 4S is excellent car, but less visceral emotion.
  4. Help convince me to switch from a 911S Cabriolet to a Taycan 4S

    Don't you even dare! :). After 6 months you will be bored like me....... buy a 992! I learned my lesson...
  5. CHALK Taycan Club

    My taycan 4S performance + was treated with N-XTC Quartz system coating 2 layers, 95 pores closed over complete carriage/body and doorlets, 1 additional layer of synthetic 4D overcoat for hydrofobic effect. Quartz system on all wheels and calipers and Rain repellent system on all windows.
  6. CHALK Taycan Club

    From a distance it's like GT3 grey on the macan (does not exist) vs chalk on the taycan. If you enlarge the photo, i see little difference in the front bumper colours. Maybe it's due to the angle of the light or shadow of car parked on the left side?
  7. CHALK Taycan Club

    It was a compromise and it's my daily. I need the range in cold weather and 4S is fast enough to commute. I will probably regret not taking the GTS or turbo:). In sport plus it's draining very fast. I haven't test the drainage in sport plus, in a turbo or GTS.
  8. CHALK Taycan Club

    Hey guys, I've got my chalk Taycan 4S performance battery plus with sport design package delivered two weeks ago. I forgot i had a BMW M4 CS mineral grey immediately. The 4S is amazing and has a lot of options on it (57K) and did not want to wait for he GTS. Can wait to cross Europe with it.