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  1. Ross

    Sports Chrono Simple Improvement

    As you might know I don’t like Sports Chrono. Not as much as I don’t like Sports Sound…. But nearly. Why do I have it? It’s free, or at least included, on my nice new ish GTS. The functionality improvement, to me, is limited. The only reason people got this on other models was to get launch...
  2. Ross

    Tyre (Tire!) replacement

    My near side front tire has blistered on the side wall while not damaging the rim at all. There was just some traces of blue paint on the rim next to the blister?! No idea how it happened. It’s a Pirelli NFO 21’ tyre The car has done 7000 miles and there is 5-6mm tread on off side front. Do...
  3. Ross

    All Season Tyres. Help please.

    It is obvious after watching hours of you tube videos and reading articles that All Season tyres are a much better winter option than winter tyres for the north of England where there is snow on the ground only 1 or 2 days a year. However I need a tyre with the 3 mountain peak snowflake symbol...
  4. Ross

    FUN PHOTOS or Why I bought a Porsche!

    Found these photos in the garage. In 2007 I was looking for a 2 seat track toy before kids! went for a test drive in a Lotus Exig Dick Lovett Swindon. I was feeling patriotic. Before you ask… The salesman was driving! 5 mins away from dealer. Light rain, greasy road. He lost the back end...