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  1. WuffvonTrips

    “Precision” driving around the Silverstone International Circuit in Turbo & Turbo S CTs

    The choice of a 2.3 ton EV station wagon for track work raised a few eyebrows- the Taycan is unsurprisingly inefficient but surprisingly effective (certainly in Turbo form on a track such as this), but the Precision course was a sensible and enjoyable way to explore its full potential. Even in...
  2. WuffvonTrips

    EVSE maintenance- annual servicing?

    My EVSE installer has advised me that my unit will shortly be due a recommended annual service, comprising: EV charge unit clean and inspection; EV charge cable clean and inspection; Check internal connections; Plug in test. £100. Anyone ever had any issues with their EVSE that such a basic...
  3. WuffvonTrips

    The sweet spot between the Taycan GTS and the Panamera GTS is NOT a GTS according to Porsche

    The GTS being the sweet spot in each Porsche model's range is an oft-stated opinion of fans and the motoring press (personally, I disagree- at least for the Taycan, I think it's the 4S, but that's beside the point for this thread) so Porsche's recently declared sweetspot between the Taycan GTS...
  4. WuffvonTrips

    Defender practical replacement candidates- BMW iXwhatever M60 falls at the last hurdle

    For the impatient, summary starts around 29:30 😁
  5. WuffvonTrips

    updated with Q3 data- New EV UK registrations per quarter, by model

    [c] = <5 and not specified due to low confidence in not being erroneous (my interpretation of noted comment) DVLA data available in downloadable spreadsheet from UK GOV website
  6. WuffvonTrips

    Real world Taycan GTS Performance Test: Acceleration & Braking Distance

    I've saved this URL at the summary of acceleration figures- Link to video: PDrive TV 2022 Porsche Taycan GTS 0-100km/h & motor sound Interesting that the 0-100 time without launch control was only 0.2s longer (IIRC, similar to the timed differences for Turbo and 4S).
  7. WuffvonTrips


    ...I swear I just saw it, fleetingly, bottom item on the main PCM display menu, when I got in the car today (I'd just unplugged the power supply so could see the charge screen until I got in). I didn't notice what menu was showing (and I don't recall whether the item box was ticked), but...
  8. WuffvonTrips

    Taycan v Kia EV6 GT

    Thought it might be of interest here as it's no less reasonable a Taycan alternative than some of the others considered on the forum. (I couldn't find a thread specifically for the GT variant) [edit- oops, deleted old video from pre launch]
  9. WuffvonTrips

    First 3 weeks of ownership

    Summary Dream-like effortlessness for car and driver. I’ve done more miles in the few weeks I’ve had it than my previous car did this year- the vast majority have been just for the fun of it, on country roads. (My previous car was a Cayenne E-hybrid which has similar weight, length and width...
  10. WuffvonTrips

    Two-tone interior with deviated centres & stitching

    In case anyone else was wondering what the combined effect is, here's a gallery of a vehicle for sale. I like the pseudo-individual look that the standard 2-tone interiors give the rear seats, but adding deviated centres breaks up the seat bottom more than I'd like. Obviously, with deviated...
  11. WuffvonTrips

    Acceleration times WITHOUT Launch Control?

    Has anyone seen tested standing-start acceleration times - without launch control- for each Taycan variant? I’ve only found this: Turbo S 0-100kph without launch control 3.2 secs (2.7 with launch control) From my rough analysis of Porsche’s...