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  1. tchavei

    Funny charging pictures/messages

    I don't know what chargers say worldwide when there's a problem but today I had my first charging hiccup: went for a ride to a town nearby. Arrived with 28% SoC. Had lunch then, when wife went to a shopping mall, I found a great excuse to not follow along: "You go honey, I have to charge the...
  2. tchavei

    Do you lose battery % overnight?

    Hi Never saw this commented on the forum (and I've been a pretty avid reader in the last months while waiting for the car). Basically, what happens is that I never have the same battery level between when I go to sleep and when I wake up the next day. Assuming my wife isn't taking the car...
  3. tchavei

    OBDII Dongles - list your brand

    Hi So, as I suspected, my 12 year old no name OBDII dongle can't connect to the Taycan's ECU. The phone app connects to the dongle, car pops up the high voltage is in use warning but then the dongle fails to negotiate communication with the ECU. I guess it's time for a new dongle. I do want...
  4. tchavei

    Phone charging inside the Taycan

    I'm baffled. I spent 15 min routing my usb-c cable (2m 100W max) from the front left side of the vehicle (to have the phone on the left of the steering wheel (so it's out of the way, charging and making it almost impossible for me to use it while in the car - I'm dextrous. Yes I did this on...
  5. tchavei

    Selective Chirp/honk on locking car

    Quick stupid question after noticing my car "sometimes" gives a very short honk when lock the car by pressing the corresponding Key on the fob. It's not always which is the puzzling part. I noticed it first time yesterday but my app notified me right door and window were open (Wife still too...
  6. tchavei

    Chassis height in different modes - it should be simple but it's not?

    I need a little hand/help I'm trying to get familiar with my new Taycan and despite having studied ad nauseum most features over the months I was waiting for delivery, 'hands on practice' has started to yield new questions which never occurred to me while reading the "theory". One of those...
  7. tchavei

    May 2023 Deliveries

    Hi all Since last December I wanted to post in the delivery thread. Unfortunately due to some heater delays (Who needs a heater in the Algarve anyway?), I never could... until now! So, since we're at the end of April, I'm just in time for a new thread! My SA informed me this morning that my...
  8. tchavei

    NFx Rating: Myth or Truth?

    Sooo I went to my usual long known tyre shop to swap the rear tyres of my MB. While I was waiting, I asked the owner if he had ordered the Hankook Ventus S iON EV tyres for me (as I'm planning to swap my 19'' to 21'' on my Taycan when it arrives). He said they were on backorder but asked me...
  9. tchavei

    How to preheat the battery

    I'm a bit confused now. I'm expecting my T soon. I was a bit bored so I went through the official Porsche "good to know" videos. The girl's visual might have contributed for me to go through all the videos 🤣 Anyway, I'm 99% sure that in the charging video, there's a point where she was...
  10. tchavei

    Satellite Radio in Europe

    Hi. I just realized we don't have access to SiriusXM in Europe. With what source does the Taycan come with in Europe? Haven't seen it mentioned anywhere.
  11. tchavei

    Video on Taycan Heater Issue: Why Are So Many Failing

    I'm sorry if this has been posted before (I think not) but during my daily search of information about the Taycan while I'm waiting for my delivery, made me stumble across this video. Now I gotta admit I was pleasantly surprised by the content. I was expecting the normal drama, bashing...
  12. tchavei

    Charging in Portugal: (almost) everything you need to know!

    Charging in Portugal I'm posting this in hope it will help some fellow portuguese EV newbie to save some time investigating and obviously also for any foreigners that wish to come over to Portugal for some holidays or even just a roadtrip in their Taycans so hopefully they don't end up...
  13. tchavei

    Taycan RWD on 21''

    Probably stupid question but this morning I picked up one of my 21'' wheels (in storage as anticipation for the car arrival) and I can't stop wondering about the sheer size and weight of those things. Especially the back ones. 21''x11.5j with 305/30 are MASSIVE. I'm sure that's peanuts for the...
  14. tchavei

    Funny (and maybe therapeutic) exercise for us who are waiting for delivery

    Sitting in my diesel car at a mall, around 75km from home, waiting for my wife to finish checking the last 11 stores. What if I were in my taycan right now and only had 10% soc left? Open ABRP and input home address and let's see what it suggests. Oh, there's 50Kw charger less than 4km...
  15. tchavei

    Taycan seems to win 1st position regardless of good or bad

    After finding that article on topgear that placed the taycan as the best EV to have, I just came across this article (phone suggested it... Google Assistant is scary) Not sure this was already posted. I apologise if it...
  16. tchavei

    OEM rim weights... Again.

    I know, I know. Searching about rim weights brings up at least 4 threads on this forum but... Every single one unanswered. Maybe my searching skills are fading too. And if this has been reported already, I apologise in advance. Basically I'd like to know how much an OEM wheel generally...
  17. tchavei

    Need a generous soul to take a measurement for me

    So I'm trying to antecipate everything before actually getting my taycan (probably stupid move but I'm known for that) which also includes a set of pritty 21'' wheels since I didn't like any of the stock options too much. Anyway, I contacted a dealer in the Netherlands that actually has the...
  18. tchavei

    So the Taycan isn't a sports car? 😬

    I love when Google sends me random news based on my online behaviour and possibly spying on my conversations 🤣 So based on that website... I'm getting a.... utility car, I guess. Cheers Tony
  19. tchavei

    Dash cam and 12v battery

    Hi I have a stupid question. How does the 12v system work on a Taycan in terms of charging / discharging? On ICE cars, the alternator will charge the 12V battery during normal operation so if one is to hardwire a dashcam, in Park mode, it will slowly discharge the battery until either the...
  20. tchavei

    Any Gmp Italia Rebel 21" pics?

    So I'm close to ordering my rwd but I hate (maybe that's too strong of a word) every wheel option in the Porsche configurator (maybe except the e-mission ones which force you to change the breaks plus painting the outer rims since it will be a volcano grey). So I have this crazy idea of...